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in Northeastern Montgomery County, Maryland.
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Scouts and Scout Leaders.. Have fun with horses!


Create your own horseback riding experience for any age scout centering around horses and horseback riding and make it happen at Waredaca!  Learn as much about horses as possible for all those horse crazy scouts thru our hands-on activities.  Programs are professionally designed and geared for all ages...Daisys on up.

All learn the rules of working safely around horses and older scouts can go on a mounted trailride around our lovely 220 acres of farmland. Younger GS will have lots of hands-on learning experiences too, as they groom, assist in saddling and leading, and are then led on a short mounted ride too! (Daisys and Brownies) 

For Older Scouts:  Our most popular suggestion:  After receiving a very basic demonstration of mounting, correct positioning, explanation of stopping and turning, our staff will then assist in the mounting, adjusting of stirrups, and then all proceed on a pleasant 30-40 minute trailride thru the pastures of our farm.  

LIMIT SIZE: 10 may ride at one time; larger groups are encouraged to discuss with the office how best to accommodate

FEE: $35 each scout for the hour long session; $45 per scout for the two hour session that includes a trailride and lecture/demo/ hands on experience

TIME:   This program is typically scheduled on Saturday afternoons at 3 o'clock spring and fall. 

SCHEDULE:  Please contact our business office 301 570 4191  or Lessons@waredaca.com.   Adults may also pay to ride if space allows. 

FOR YOUNGER GIRLS (ie: Daisys and Brownies), we offer a great, hands on learning event!  The participants will first cover the rules of working safely around horses/ ponies.  They will then have a demonstration and chance to practice skills just learned.  Other skills may be taught as well.  It's lots of fun, offered in a very safe way for this young age group.  Great bridging program for moving up to Girl Scouts.

IDEAL AGE RANGE:  Kindergarten through 2nd grade
SIZE LIMIT: 6-10; call to discuss if group size is larger
FEE:  $30 per scout
TIME:  This program is typically scheduled on Saturday afternoons at 11:00 spring and fall. The total time is up to 90 Minutes (depends on number of participants). 

SCHEDULE:  Please contact our business office 301 570 4191 OR  Lessons@waredaca.com.  

 Instructor:  Celeste G. McGee    (301) 919-8297 (c)

OTHER DAYS AND TIMES may exist, ie school holidays.  Give us a call to discuss! 
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