Pony Kids

The Pony Kids Program is designed to introduce 4-7 year olds to ponies, horsemanship, and riding in an environment of safety and fun.  This all important beginning will provide a solid and correct base for their future enjoyment and learning. It is taught in a half-hour private lesson format to accommodate each child’s individual development and learning style.

Pony Kids lessons are taught primarily on leadline on the trail and in the fields. The program focuses on developing your child’s confidence, balance, and coordination while feeling secure in their surroundings. As goals are reached in these areas, each child will move on to more direct control of the horse. Some 7 year olds may initially be ready to ride independently and not on a leadline; this decision will be determined by the instructor.

In inclement weather, the lessons generally occur in our indoor arena.   Only a fee of $50/per lesson for this very personal one on one unique experience for your child!  Call the lesson office for details and to schedule: 443 564 1276 or email lessons@waredaca.com