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Student Rentals for this Spring

Spring Student rental opportunities are available on Sundays at 2. For riders Intermediate II (with instructor permission) and above, Waredaca offers a one hour practice ride for $40.  Please note, rentals must be reserved in advance by Friday noon. This is not a lesson so riders are not supervised by an instructor.

If you would like more information about student rentals OR to reserve a horse,  please call the office at 443-564-1276 OR 301-570-4191.

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NCEL Winter Finale news

From Celeste...
To MY Fabulous 7 --

    Congratulations you did it, girls!  You managed to hold onto our year end 1st place for the season!!  WOW!  Hats off to you and to your families for all of their support.
     We have all worked hard together and it has payed off.  Each of you contributed to our success which truly makes this a team victory -- the way it should be.  You are all amazing riders and deserve this recognition.  I couldn't be more proud of each of you.
     Thanks for all of your hard work -- so exciting to see it pay off.  
     Take lots of pictures at the banquet with your blue ribbons, trophies, etc., as I will be out of town at a family wedding, so will miss all of the NCEL fun.  I will be there with you in spirit.  Remember that it is at the Laurel Racetrack 5:00 - 8:00 pm, although you are welcome to go to the races beginning at 1:15, Sunday, April 2.
     On another note I will send out an email regarding spring lessons, times, fees, etc.  This coming weekend is the last extended session, separate from the spring session.  Details to come soon.  See you soon.
Enjoy your snow day,

Celeste G. McGee 
Finale info/ Banquet
Dear All,
     As most of you know NCEL has a year end banquet to wrap up our season and present individual and team ribbons. The event will be held at Laurel Racetrack on Sunday, April 2, from 5:00 - 8:00 pm.  Tickets are $35 per person, and include buffet dinner.  You are welcome to arrive early to attend the races beginning at 1:15, at no additional charge.  All teams are required to give a head count and checks at the finale for whoever is planning to attend.  I will be out of town at a family wedding, so unable to attend, but hope that our entire team will be represented.  Please plan to let me know either Friday or Saturday about your family's attendance with an accompanying check payable to NCEL.  Thanks for your help in advance coordinating this.
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Summer Riding Camp

summercampSummer Camp at Waredaca is where dreams of horses come true! Established in 1932, we offer a specialized day camp program emphasizing horseback riding instruction for all levels of ability. Campers also participate in stablecrafts, recreational swimming, games, vaulting, special events plus much more!  Our day camp is for boys and girls, ages 7 --15, with total weekly enrollment of approximately 30-35 campers.  Through a program which stresses safety, fun and correct skills, our campers gain a genuine sense of fulfillment, pride, and accomplishment.

Waredaca continues its partnership with the Bar T summer camp organization to offer an outstanding summer experience! The successful blending of the Bar T camping 'know how' with the expert instructional riding staff and facilities that Waredaca is known for, has produced the finest possible opportunity for everyone.

Campers benefited from the same quality Waredaca teaching and horses with some added extras. Transportation to and from the Bar T Laytonsville home base was a welcome option for many or parents can continue to drop off and pick up from Waredaca. The Bar T's waterfront equipment occurred daily as was regular use of the adventure activity sites.

Gayle (Ford) Mahaney directs the program plus you may likely see a number of familiar staff faces from before!

All enrollment and program details will be handled by the Bar T organization. Go directly to the Bar T website to enroll. Please check out their website: www.Bar-T.com for more information about Bar T and this link specifically for details of the riding camp philosophy, fees and programs.

Looking forward to seeing you this summer as a Bar T camper at Waredaca!

Most sincerely,

Robert and Gretchen Butts, Gayle Mahaney and the staff at Waredaca