Times FINAL FINAL!!…. THE SCHEDULE FOR SATURDAY WAS ADJUSTED TO MAKE TIMES BETWEEN DRESSAGE AND XC SHORTER DUE TO THE EXPECTED HEAT!! if anyone needs MORE TIME in between phases, please contact us NOW—[email protected] and not wait until you arrive; it is NOT our intent for anyone to feel rushed between the phases!

FEH and YEH times posted


• MAPS (only) available Friday at 3

These will be located at the START BOX
Show Office open and packets available Saturday at 6:30 and Sunday a.m. 
FRIDAY PARKING for the XC and Jumping Course Walks will be at our WEST ENTRANCE, SAME AS THE WAREDACA BREWING COMPANY. Follow the paved road and park in the gravel area on your left; the start box is through the orchard toward the lake. Don’t forget to WALK the Jumping Course too. Remember motor bikes ARE allowed on course up until the phase starts each day.

The courses–XC and Jumping–will be open for your inspection from 3 to dark.


DRESS CODE…At Eventing Tests or when all three phases of a Horse Trials are contested over one day – Protective headgear and protective vests as above. Clothing as appropriate for the test in progress (see below), or at the competitor’s option – boots, britches, spurs and gloves – as applicable for the test being performed. Long or short sleeved shirt with col­lar and without neckwear, of a conservative color, neatly tucked into riding breeches. XC attire permitted and encouraged when close times between JUMPING phases are scheduled.

  • Weekend show office phone number 301 570 2150. Cindy is the Event Secretary
  • Jumping Course Walks: Intermediate..before 10:45 Saturday morning; Preliminary: Saturday 11:50-12:20; Modified Saturday after 3:30; Sunday before10:15; Training Sunday10:50-11:10; 11:40-11:55; Novice Sunday 12:45-1:00; 2:00-2:20; Beginner Novice: Saturday 1:15-1;40; 2:30-2:40







Waredaca Farm HT August 2019


Gaithersburg, MD


8/17/2019 to 8/18/2019


Ride Times (Subject to Change)


Revised: 08/16/2019 01:01 PM



Rider Name Horse Division Dressage Cross-Country Stadium
Abramcheck, Carla Swan’s Legacy NR-B Sun 12:29 pm Sun 03:34 pm Sun 03:14 pm
Ansaldi, Paige Bombay Original OBN Sat 10:28 am Sat 01:13 pm Sat 12:53 pm
Armstrong, Andy FourFields Marcella OP Sat 08:18 am Sat 11:51 am Sat 11:31 am
Augustine, Julie Texas Riddle ON Sun 11:21 am Sun 02:50 pm Sun 02:30 pm
Barber, Rebecca Honeymoon YEH4 Sat 11:24 am Sat 01:45 pm
Barnhart , Ashton Betty Boop OBN Sat 10:22 am Sat 01:17 pm Sat 12:57 pm
Battig-Leamer, Nora Keltic Junebug YEH5 Sat 11:55 am Sat 02:25 pm
Baughman, Woods Fernhill Master Class TH Sun 08:18 am Sun 12:06 pm Sun 11:46 am
Baughman, Woods Something Saintly NH Sun 10:57 am Sun 02:54 pm Sun 02:34 pm
Baumann, Melissa Cady O’Daly Tinker NH Sun 11:03 am Sun 02:12 pm Sun 01:52 pm
Baumann, Melissa Kilrodan Credit Crunch NH Sun 11:57 am Sun 03:14 pm Sun 02:54 pm
Beach, Dawn Master Magician NH Sun 11:21 am Sun 02:32 pm Sun 02:12 pm
Biddle, Jane Monhegan SCF BNR-A Sat 11:22 am Sat 02:10 pm Sat 01:50 pm
Bierly, Allison Irish Red MOD Sun 09:30 am Sun 11:16 am Sun 10:56 am
Binkley, Janice Walnut NH Sun 11:27 am Sun 02:36 pm Sun 02:16 pm
Bortuzzo, Elizabeth Belongs To Teufer I Sat 08:07 am Sat 11:13 am Sat 10:53 am
Bortuzzo, Elizabeth Royal Archie OP Sat 09:00 am Sat 12:13 pm Sat 11:53 am
Bundy, Hanna Lovey Assistant OP Sat 08:24 am Sat 11:55 am Sat 11:35 am
Bundy, Hanna Starship Explorer ON Sun 11:09 am Sun 02:42 pm Sun 02:22 pm
Burke, Jaclyn Sandy the Bear OT Sun 08:00 am Sun 11:54 am Sun 11:34 am
Burke, Jaclyn Chance of Hidden Heights MOD Sun 09:00 am Sun 10:42 am Sun 10:22 am
Butts, Stephanie Irisina OT Sun 07:54 am Sun 11:20 am
Callahan, Elizabeth Hatteras FEH1 Sat 02:00 pm
Catlett, Mary-Cooke Luck of the Draw TR-A Sun 09:36 am Sun 12:56 pm Sun 12:36 pm
Chandell, Karen Tell It To The Man TR-B Sun 10:45 am Sun 01:24 pm Sun 01:04 pm
Clare, Mary Golden King ON Sun 10:33 am Sun 02:20 pm Sun 02:00 pm
Clarke, Taylore Excel Star Challenge Accepted TR-A Sun 09:12 am Sun 12:42 pm Sun 12:22 pm
Clasing, Daniel Greek Empire OP Sat 08:30 am Sat 11:59 am Sat 11:39 am
Clasing, Kaitlin Et Cetera YEH4 Sat 11:17 am Sat 01:35 pm
Clasing, Kaitlin Greenhall Master Cruise YEH4 Sat 11:52 am Sat 02:10 pm
Clouser, Jennifer Tip of the Hat TH Sun 08:24 am Sun 11:56 am Sun 11:36 am
Clucas, Cadence On Tenterhooks NH Sun 11:51 am Sun 02:48 pm Sun 02:28 pm
Clucas, Patty Lookover Erin TR-B Sun 10:51 am Sun 01:28 pm Sun 01:08 pm
Cobb, Jennifer One Elated Citizen FEH1 Sat 02:10 pm
Cobb, Jennifer Little Sorrow MOD Sun 08:06 am Sun 10:44 am Sun 10:24 am
Cobb, Jennifer California Girl NH Sun 11:39 am Sun 02:24 pm Sun 02:04 pm
Colgan, Ainsley Ginobi OBN Sat 10:40 am Sat 01:21 pm Sat 01:01 pm
Conroy, Holly Braveheart Romeo BNR-A Sat 11:28 am Sat 02:12 pm Sat 01:52 pm
Cooke, Caroline RhodaBelle (Bella) BNR-B Sat 01:07 pm Sat 03:00 pm Sat 02:40 pm
Cooper, Courtney Excel Star Double Clover BNH Sat 10:03 am Sat 01:43 pm Sat 01:23 pm
Cooper, Courtney Excel Star Fair Play OBN Sat 10:34 am Sat 01:09 pm Sat 12:49 pm
Cooper, Courtney Excel Star Berry YEH4 Sat 11:38 am Sat 02:15 pm
Cooper, Courtney Excel Star Over The Moon YEH4 Sat 12:06 pm Sat 02:40 pm
Coppage, Gary PICTURE PERFECT BNH Sat 10:09 am Sat 01:11 pm Sat 12:51 pm
Cornue, Suzannah Clear Crossing OT Sun 08:06 am Sun 11:42 am Sun 11:22 am
Cousins, Sarah Herculon I Sat 08:00 am Sat 11:05 am Sat 10:45 am
Cousins, Sarah Wizard I Sat 08:42 am Sat 11:17 am Sat 10:57 am
Cousins, Sarah Sneaky Rascal OP Sat 09:30 am Sat 12:23 pm Sat 12:03 pm
Covey, Holly Tully Cross Hamish TR-B Sun 11:27 am Sun 01:46 pm Sun 01:26 pm
Cowen, Madison Rhythm NR-A Sun 01:29 pm Sun 04:16 pm Sun 03:56 pm
Cowles, K.C. Alexander NH Sun 12:03 pm Sun 02:52 pm Sun 02:32 pm
Crandall, Brittany Cooley Almighty PR Sat 09:04 am Sat 11:41 am Sat 11:21 am
Crandell, Sami DHI Showman YEH5 Sat 12:02 pm Sat 02:30 pm
Creesy, Gretchen Tigerlily BNR-A Sat 11:34 am Sat 02:14 pm Sat 01:54 pm
Cutler, Mikayla Reverie PR Sat 09:10 am Sat 11:45 am Sat 11:25 am
Dasti, Madison Archival NR-A Sun 11:45 am Sun 03:20 pm Sun 03:00 pm
Dasti, Madison AP Booray NR-A Sun 01:23 pm Sun 04:12 pm Sun 03:52 pm
Davidson, Andrea Cerafino D YEH5 Sat 12:16 pm Sat 02:35 pm
Davis, Sarah J.J.’s Local Law PR Sat 09:16 am Sat 11:49 am Sat 11:29 am
Davis, Sarah Icey Morning NH Sun 12:09 pm Sun 02:58 pm Sun 02:38 pm
Davis, Stephanie Cooley Quality Q MOD Sun 08:12 am Sun 10:46 am Sun 10:26 am
DeWitt, Annie Offshore Cooley BNR-A Sat 11:40 am Sat 02:16 pm Sat 01:56 pm
Detwyler, Ella Atticus Finch MOD Sun 08:18 am Sun 10:48 am Sun 10:28 am
Deyo, Erin FE Spellbound OP Sat 08:36 am Sat 12:03 pm Sat 11:43 am
Dhruv, Aylah Cover Story BNR-B Sat 01:13 pm Sat 03:02 pm Sat 02:42 pm
Dickerson, Gabby Cherished Friend OP Sat 08:54 am Sat 12:37 pm Sat 12:17 pm
Dickerson, Gabby Kwibus YEH4 Sat 11:03 am Sat 01:30 pm
Dickerson, Gabby Royal Sempatica YEH4 Sat 11:45 am Sat 02:00 pm
Dickerson, Gabby Coulson YEH5 Sat 01:05 pm Sat 03:20 pm
Dickerson, Gabby Cheeky Girl ON Sun 11:03 am Sun 02:38 pm Sun 02:18 pm
Dionisio, Julia The Last Call NR-A Sun 12:41 pm Sun 03:44 pm Sun 03:24 pm
Dolan, Jeanne Changi FEH3 Sat 02:20 pm
Domino, Katie Rush W OT Sun 08:12 am Sun 11:46 am Sun 11:26 am
Douglas, Laura Sophia Fab PR Sat 09:22 am Sat 11:53 am Sat 11:33 am
Douglas, Laura Flying Private NH Sun 11:09 am Sun 02:18 pm Sun 01:58 pm
Ebzery, Jessica Absolut Colley Quality YEH5 Sat 12:23 pm Sat 02:45 pm
Eldridge, Chelsea Celestial Bliss TH Sun 08:30 am Sun 12:02 pm Sun 11:42 am
Elliott, Julianne Mystic Hazzard ON Sun 10:51 am Sun 02:30 pm Sun 02:10 pm
Ervin, Lily Terrapin Station TR-A Sun 10:27 am Sun 01:26 pm Sun 01:06 pm
Esquivel, Gaby Bijoux NR-A Sun 12:59 pm Sun 03:56 pm Sun 03:36 pm
Ethridge, Nicole Rossini Concerto MOD Sun 08:24 am Sun 10:50 am Sun 10:30 am
Faison, Amy Marco OT Sun 08:18 am Sun 11:50 am Sun 11:30 am
Farley, Mia Phelps OP Sat 10:00 am Sat 12:35 pm Sat 12:15 pm
Farley, Mia Northern Victory OT Sun 08:24 am Sun 11:52 am Sun 11:32 am
Farris, Charlotte Sierra de LuneSE NR-A Sun 01:17 pm Sun 04:08 pm Sun 03:48 pm
Feaga, Christina In The Mick of Time NR-B Sun 11:51 am Sun 03:22 pm Sun 03:02 pm
Ferri, Janet Dreaming of Gold BNR-A Sat 11:46 am Sat 02:18 pm Sat 01:58 pm
Fillius, Meghan Dress Blues OBN Sat 10:46 am Sat 01:25 pm Sat 01:05 pm
Fitzhugh, Anna Loreto PR Sat 09:28 am Sat 11:57 am Sat 11:37 am
Flores-Kinney, Zara Elusive Dassett PR Sat 09:34 am Sat 12:01 pm Sat 11:41 am
Foltz, Abby Absolute Zero NH Sun 11:15 am Sun 02:28 pm Sun 02:08 pm
Foote, Madison Harthill Diamond I Sat 08:28 am Sat 11:11 am Sat 10:51 am
Fox, Melissa Command Approval TR-B Sun 09:42 am Sun 12:48 pm Sun 12:28 pm
Francart, Angie Velocity TR-B Sun 10:27 am Sun 01:08 pm Sun 12:48 pm
Frangos, Rory Ruby Slippers BNR-B Sat 01:19 pm Sat 03:04 pm Sat 02:44 pm
Fulton, Stephen Broken Diplomacy OBN Sat 10:52 am Sat 01:29 pm Sat 01:09 pm
Gershowitz, Rebecca Hudson TR-B Sun 11:21 am Sun 01:44 pm Sun 01:24 pm
Giannini, Neva Stilwell Can Do NR-B Sun 01:59 pm Sun 04:32 pm Sun 04:12 pm
Gibert, Malia Wave Acide NR-A Sun 11:39 am Sun 03:16 pm Sun 02:56 pm
Gilley, Samantha Quite Frankly BNR-B Sat 01:25 pm Sat 03:06 pm Sat 02:46 pm
Gongwer, Victoria Roddockton TR-B Sun 09:36 am Sun 12:44 pm Sun 12:24 pm
Gray, Karleigh BFF Espionage YEH5 Sat 12:30 pm Sat 02:55 pm
Greenleaf, Holly Jenn’s Bellaboo NR-A Sun 01:47 pm Sun 04:28 pm Sun 04:08 pm
Greenway, Sarah LF Jagger OT Sun 08:30 am Sun 11:58 am Sun 11:38 am
Grey, Nancy Boomtown II ON Sun 10:27 am Sun 02:16 pm Sun 01:56 pm
Gross, Ashley Chocolate Pearl NR-B Sun 01:05 pm Sun 03:58 pm Sun 03:38 pm
Groves, Elaine Leviosa NR-B Sun 01:41 pm Sun 04:22 pm Sun 04:02 pm
Hagen, Ainsley Brae’s Mountain PR Sat 09:40 am Sat 12:05 pm Sat 11:45 am
Hatcher, Matthew Rudy NR-B Sun 12:59 pm Sun 03:54 pm Sun 03:34 pm
Hennings, Bailey Miss Demeanour I Sat 08:35 am Sat 11:15 am Sat 10:55 am
Hogan, Madison Excel Ruby OT Sun 08:36 am Sun 12:04 pm Sun 11:44 am
Horn, Cole MBF Cooley Permission To Land YEH5 Sat 12:37 pm Sat 03:00 pm
Horwith, Allison Larrikin MOD Sun 08:30 am Sun 10:52 am Sun 10:32 am
Huber, Alexandria Willy Wonka BNH Sat 10:15 am Sat 01:15 pm Sat 12:55 pm
Ingraham, LeeAnn Trump Card NR-B Sun 01:23 pm Sun 04:10 pm Sun 03:50 pm
Jennings, Jane Larano 5 TH Sun 08:36 am Sun 12:08 pm Sun 11:48 am
Jones, Ella Rae Waverly Fields Kaylou TR-A Sun 09:18 am Sun 12:46 pm Sun 12:26 pm
Kaufman, Anne Motif NH Sun 11:33 am Sun 02:40 pm Sun 02:20 pm
Kearney, Meredith Allouette TR-B Sun 11:03 am Sun 01:34 pm Sun 01:14 pm
Kelley, Lindsay Cooley Romance OP Sat 09:06 am Sat 12:15 pm Sat 11:55 am
Kilday, Caroline Coincidentally NR-B Sun 11:45 am Sun 03:18 pm Sun 02:58 pm
Kilpatrick, Savannah FE Painted Black OT Sun 08:42 am Sun 12:10 pm Sun 11:50 am
Klugman, Ema Bronte Beach Z OP Sat 08:06 am Sat 11:43 am Sat 11:23 am
Klugman, Ema Adagio de Pilliere OP Sat 08:42 am Sat 12:07 pm Sat 11:47 am
Klugman, Ema Kangaroo Court OP Sat 09:48 am Sat 12:29 pm Sat 12:09 pm
Koch, Molly My Pal Tommy OBN Sat 10:58 am Sat 01:33 pm Sat 01:13 pm
Koch, Nancy Conguistador MOD Sun 08:36 am Sun 10:54 am Sun 10:34 am
Kozauer, Maya Rhapsody in Red NR-A Sun 12:03 pm Sun 03:32 pm Sun 03:12 pm
Kozauer, Sophia Win a moon light NR-A Sun 12:53 pm Sun 03:52 pm Sun 03:32 pm
Kriss Parker, Jocelyn Open Road TR-B Sun 10:57 am Sun 01:30 pm Sun 01:10 pm
Kuczynski, Caitlin VH Saint’s Sovereign FEH3 Sat 02:30 pm
Lawson, Rachel High Tide OP Sat 09:12 am Sat 12:17 pm Sat 11:57 am
LeClaire, Jo Epona’s Rose of Tralee NR-B Sun 01:47 pm Sun 04:26 pm Sun 04:06 pm
Levesque, Jenna Imagine That BNR-B Sat 01:31 pm Sat 03:08 pm Sat 02:48 pm
Likins, Kirsten Fortissimo NR-A Sun 01:11 pm Sun 04:04 pm Sun 03:44 pm
Lindamood , Jack Rivendell NR-B Sun 01:29 pm Sun 04:14 pm Sun 03:54 pm
Lindquist, Billie Louisiana Lucy TR-B Sun 09:54 am Sun 12:58 pm Sun 12:38 pm
Lopour, Jacqueline Quianna BNR-A Sat 11:52 am Sat 02:20 pm Sat 02:00 pm
Lounsberry, Syrina True Grit TR-A Sun 10:21 am Sun 01:22 pm Sun 01:02 pm
Lucas, Ella Truthful Saint TR-A Sun 09:54 am Sun 01:10 pm Sun 12:50 pm
Marnane, Hillary Celtic Heritage NR-B Sun 11:57 am Sun 03:26 pm Sun 03:06 pm
Marshall, Francoise Luray NR-B Sun 01:35 pm Sun 04:18 pm Sun 03:58 pm
Martin, Boyd WEC Emperor of Hope OP Sat 08:00 am Sat 11:39 am Sat 11:19 am
Martin, Boyd Miss LuLu Herself OP Sat 08:48 am Sat 12:33 pm Sat 12:13 pm
Martin, Caitlin Silver Dancer TR-B Sun 09:48 am Sun 12:52 pm Sun 12:32 pm
Martin, Kurt Miss Penny Lane YEH5 Sat 12:44 pm Sat 03:05 pm
Martin, Kurt Space Ranger TH Sun 08:12 am Sun 11:48 am Sun 11:28 am
Martin, Kurt Don Chacco TH Sun 09:00 am Sun 12:40 pm Sun 12:18 pm
Martin, Kurt Glynnwood Mer Calido OT Sun 09:30 am Sun 01:20 pm Sun 01:00 pm
Martin-Dias, Angel Silk Market OT Sun 08:54 am Sun 12:16 pm Sun 11:56 am
McConnell, Grady Ace Of Spades NR-A Sun 01:05 pm Sun 04:00 pm Sun 03:40 pm
McCormack, Sandy Rain Colony ON Sun 11:15 am Sun 02:46 pm Sun 02:26 pm
McDonough, Rachel Mr. Lit OP Sat 08:12 am Sat 11:47 am Sat 11:27 am
McDonough, Rachel The Goat OBN Sat 10:16 am Sat 01:35 pm Sat 01:15 pm
McGrath, Michael Whitty Remark BNR-A Sat 11:58 am Sat 02:22 pm Sat 02:02 pm
McGrath, Morgan Windchase Alcor PR Sat 09:46 am Sat 12:09 pm Sat 11:49 am
McGrath, Morgan Mizz Indy Cat MOD Sun 08:42 am Sun 10:56 am Sun 10:36 am
McGrath, Tracey Alecaura BNR-A Sat 12:04 pm Sat 02:24 pm Sat 02:04 pm
McIntyre, Brynne Unexpected Confidence BNR-B Sat 01:37 pm Sat 03:10 pm Sat 02:50 pm
McKinney, Elle Superstitious FLF BNR-B Sat 01:43 pm Sat 03:22 pm Sat 03:02 pm
Melville, Greer Sandy Prince TR-A Sun 09:24 am Sun 12:54 pm Sun 12:34 pm
Melville, Greer VS McCuan Civil Liberty TR-A Sun 10:33 am Sun 01:48 pm Sun 01:28 pm
Middlebrook, Sophia Candy Jane OP Sat 09:18 am Sat 12:19 pm Sat 11:59 am
Miller, Cierra Denis the Menace BNH Sat 10:27 am Sat 01:23 pm Sat 01:03 pm
Miller, Cierra Well Done Son TR-A Sun 10:39 am Sun 01:32 pm Sun 01:12 pm
Miller, Julie Chalie TR-B Sun 11:15 am Sun 01:42 pm Sun 01:22 pm
Miller, Mckenna Hermosa Vaquera BNH Sat 10:33 am Sat 01:27 pm Sat 01:07 pm
Miller, Rachel Affaires D’etat OBN Sat 11:04 am Sat 01:37 pm Sat 01:17 pm
Minghenelli, Gianna Ladybug Traveler TR-A Sun 09:30 am Sun 12:50 pm Sun 12:30 pm
Morris, Joanie Betterthanexpected YEH5 Sat 12:51 pm Sat 03:10 pm
Morris, Joanie Betterthanexpected TH Sun 08:42 am Sun 12:12 pm Sun 11:52 am
Morris, Sabrina Bandito Burrito FEH3 Sat 02:40 pm
Murphy, Erin Call Sign Charlie BNH Sat 10:21 am Sat 01:19 pm Sat 12:59 pm
Murphy, Erin Table Talk OT Sun 09:00 am Sun 12:26 pm Sun 12:06 pm
Murray, Brooke Talon Ted BNR-B Sat 01:49 pm Sat 03:24 pm Sat 03:04 pm
Murray, Eran Ten Martinis ON Sun 10:39 am Sun 02:22 pm Sun 02:02 pm
Nahrgang, Lauren Eloquence NR-A Sun 12:47 pm Sun 03:48 pm Sun 03:28 pm
Neville, Erin Booker’s Wild Idea MOD Sun 08:48 am Sun 10:58 am Sun 10:38 am
Newsome, Alayna Isobel’s Hero MOD Sun 08:54 am Sun 11:00 am Sun 10:40 am
Nicastro, Nell Abecca GS TR-A Sun 09:42 am Sun 01:00 pm Sun 12:40 pm
Norris, Ashley Jag TH Sun 08:00 am Sun 12:00 pm Sun 11:40 am
Norris, Ashley Zero N Hero TH Sun 08:48 am Sun 01:16 pm Sun 12:56 pm
Norris, Ashley Bestthingsinlife MOD Sun 09:36 am Sun 11:04 am Sun 10:44 am
O’Donoghue, Meghan Fashionable Man MOD Sun 08:00 am Sun 10:40 am Sun 10:20 am
O’Donoghue, Meghan Lazaretto MOD Sun 09:06 am Sun 11:20 am Sun 11:00 am
O’Neill, McKenna Kenneth Street TR-B Sun 11:09 am Sun 01:38 pm Sun 01:18 pm
Orem, Arielle Beorn BNR-A Sat 12:10 pm Sat 02:26 pm Sat 02:06 pm
Papke, Jane Robinstown Ballivor OT Sun 09:06 am Sun 12:18 pm Sun 11:58 am
Pappalardo, Silvio He’s My Rock TR-B Sun 10:15 am Sun 01:02 pm Sun 12:42 pm
Pappler, Megan Private Show TR-B Sun 10:39 am Sun 01:18 pm Sun 12:58 pm
Pendleton, Michael Catarina TH Sun 08:06 am Sun 11:44 am Sun 11:24 am
Pendleton, Michael Butt’s Aria W TH Sun 08:54 am Sun 12:38 pm Sun 12:20 pm
Peterson, Alexandra Captain Crunch OT Sun 09:12 am Sun 12:22 pm Sun 12:02 pm
Peterson, Alexandra Gaya ON Sun 10:21 am Sun 02:14 pm Sun 01:54 pm
Peterson, Rhiannon VH Dynamic Boy BNR-B Sat 01:55 pm Sat 03:26 pm Sat 03:06 pm
Pickenpaugh, Wendy Padi’s Celtic Measure NR-B Sun 12:41 pm Sun 03:42 pm Sun 03:22 pm
Porbin, Zoe Stone The Devil BNR-B Sat 02:01 pm Sat 03:28 pm Sat 03:08 pm
Potts, Samantha Leonero 54 BNR-A Sat 12:16 pm Sat 02:28 pm Sat 02:08 pm
Przybocki, Jemma Mercedes NR-A Sun 11:57 am Sun 03:28 pm Sun 03:08 pm
Quill, Isabella Top Dollar BNR-B Sat 02:07 pm Sat 03:30 pm Sat 03:10 pm
Rae, Autumn Luz De La Luna OP Sat 09:24 am Sat 12:21 pm Sat 12:01 pm
Rae, Autumn Saphira YEH5 Sat 01:12 pm Sat 03:15 pm
Reagoso, Charlotte Stash The Splash TR-B Sun 11:33 am Sun 01:50 pm Sun 01:30 pm
Reed, Alex On Broadway OP Sat 09:36 am Sat 12:25 pm Sat 12:05 pm
Reilly, Erin Banc D’Or MOD Sun 09:12 am Sun 11:02 am Sun 10:42 am
Reuter-McNamara, Coree Another Concerto NR-B Sun 12:35 pm Sun 03:38 pm Sun 03:18 pm
Ricklefs, Elizabeth Idlehour Patriot OT Sun 09:18 am Sun 12:24 pm Sun 12:04 pm
Rodgers, Jennifer AC Abner Winn YEH4 Sat 11:31 am Sat 01:50 pm
Rodgers, Jennifer AC Pantomime ON Sun 10:57 am Sun 02:34 pm Sun 02:14 pm
Rodriguez, Elisa Konigin der Nacht TR-A Sun 10:45 am Sun 01:36 pm Sun 01:16 pm
Rouse, Cameron Rummy TR-B Sun 10:33 am Sun 01:12 pm Sun 12:52 pm
Rutledge, Cassie Connect the Dots TR-A Sun 10:15 am Sun 01:14 pm Sun 12:54 pm
Rutledge, Ciana Daybreak NR-A Sun 12:09 pm Sun 03:36 pm Sun 03:16 pm
Rutledge, Colleen Global Absolute MOD Sun 10:00 am Sun 11:18 am Sun 10:58 am
Sargent, Michele Channel of Dreams NR-B Sun 12:47 pm Sun 03:46 pm Sun 03:26 pm
Schnitzer, Allyssa Call Me Cricket NR-A Sun 12:15 pm Sun 03:40 pm Sun 03:20 pm
Schroeder, Allison Third Time’s A Charm BNR-A Sat 12:22 pm Sat 02:30 pm Sat 02:10 pm
Schroeder, Liz Ventry NR-B Sun 01:53 pm Sun 04:30 pm Sun 04:10 pm
Schultz, Sydney Jacarda NR-A Sun 01:41 pm Sun 04:24 pm Sun 04:04 pm
Schwartz, Samantha Pretty in Pink BNR-B Sat 02:13 pm Sat 03:32 pm Sat 03:12 pm
Shilling, Emily Caleb’s Cat NH Sun 11:45 am Sun 02:44 pm Sun 02:24 pm
Shires, Abigail Srarbuck’s Pilot BNR-A Sat 12:28 pm Sat 02:32 pm Sat 02:12 pm
Silliman, Caitlin quality gamblers girl YEH4 Sat 11:10 am Sat 01:40 pm
Silliman, Caitlin Split Decision YEH4 Sat 11:59 am Sat 02:05 pm
Smallwood, Megan Kilronan’s Countess TR-A Sun 09:48 am Sun 01:06 pm Sun 12:46 pm
Smallwood, Megan Kilronan’s Countess NR-A Sun 11:33 am Sun 03:10 pm Sun 02:50 pm
Smitherman, Collyn New Dealer I Sat 08:21 am Sat 11:09 am Sat 10:49 am
Stahl, Johannah BETTER WISE UP TR-A Sun 10:51 am Sun 01:40 pm Sun 01:20 pm
Stewart, Elizabeth Innsbruck VDO MOD Sun 09:18 am Sun 11:06 am Sun 10:46 am
Sunstein, Stella Noontime Badge PR Sat 09:52 am Sat 12:11 pm Sat 11:51 am
Sweger, Abigail Unforced NR-A Sun 01:35 pm Sun 04:20 pm Sun 04:00 pm
Swejk, Tori Oh He Styles BNR-A Sat 12:34 pm Sat 02:34 pm Sat 02:14 pm
Takada, Lisa Monbeg Libertine MOD Sun 09:24 am Sun 11:08 am Sun 10:48 am
Talley, Chris Voladora YEH4 Sat 10:56 am Sat 01:55 pm
Talley, Chris Excel Star Atlantic YEH5 Sat 12:09 pm Sat 02:50 pm
Talley, Chris Lute and Sweet YEH5 Sat 12:58 pm Sat 03:25 pm
Temple, Kelli McMullen Casanova Paddy ON Sun 11:27 am Sun 02:56 pm Sun 02:36 pm
Tennyson, April Maid of Duhallow ON Sun 10:45 am Sun 02:26 pm Sun 02:06 pm
Tincher, Emily Bluegrass Baron TR-B Sun 10:21 am Sun 01:04 pm Sun 12:44 pm
Trautmann, Jennifer Norman NR-B Sun 01:11 pm Sun 04:02 pm Sun 03:42 pm
Trier, Ashley Flight of Fancy MOD Sun 09:42 am Sun 11:10 am Sun 10:50 am
Vaughan, Jeslyn Cotes du Rhone OBN Sat 11:10 am Sat 01:39 pm Sat 01:19 pm
Vilmer, Aurelie Chakra De la Nee MOD Sun 09:48 am Sun 11:12 am Sun 10:52 am
Vizcarrondo Pride, Valerie Verace OP Sat 09:42 am Sat 12:27 pm Sat 12:07 pm
Wandy, Tiffany Doctor James OP Sat 09:54 am Sat 12:31 pm Sat 12:11 pm
Wardle, Heidi Cold Spice NR-B Sun 12:53 pm Sun 03:50 pm Sun 03:30 pm
Warren, Emily Cooper BNR-B Sat 02:19 pm Sat 03:34 pm Sat 03:14 pm
Watters, Susan Pallhkari NR-B Sun 12:23 pm Sun 03:30 pm Sun 03:10 pm
Weil, Erin Patriot Games NR-B Sun 11:39 am Sun 03:12 pm Sun 02:52 pm
Wheeley, Katherine The Flying Fox BNR-A Sat 12:40 pm Sat 02:36 pm Sat 02:16 pm
Wilaby, Alison Fifth Ace OBN Sat 11:16 am Sat 01:41 pm Sat 01:21 pm
Williams, Paige No Spotted Heathen NR-A Sun 11:51 am Sun 03:24 pm Sun 03:04 pm
Wilson, Grace Bears Pegasus MOD Sun 09:54 am Sun 11:14 am Sun 10:54 am
Zabarenko, Leah A Real Cooley BNR-A Sat 12:46 pm Sat 02:38 pm Sat 02:18 pm
Zielinski, Beth BSF Ducati 696 BNH Sat 10:39 am Sat 01:31 pm Sat 01:11 pm
Zuschlag, William Will Scarlett TH Sun 09:06 am Sun 12:20 pm Sun 12:00 pm
van der Rest, Katherine Pandora’s Na’vi Child NR-B Sun 01:17 pm Sun 04:06 pm Sun 03:46 pm