Waredaca Fall Starter HT

November 9th Status

NO TIMES will be scheduled for any incomplete entry!! Credit Cards Accepted…Call or email Sarah, the Competition Secretary

Entry Status as of 11/8/2019 9:01 AM

Rider Name Horse Division Balance Due Missing Items Status Stable Near
Abrams, Ron The Godfather ER $0.00 Complete
Abrams, Luba Over to Hue DO $40.00 Complete
Abrams, Luba Over to Hue DO $40.00 Complete
Abramsky, Davida Honest Endeavor NR $0.00 Complete
Agard, Rose Oberon Van Heiste NO $0.00 Complete
Baer, Lilly Legend of Silver Lake EJr-2 $0.00 Complete
Bailey, Angela Sir W Dudley NT $0.00 Complete
Barbour, Lainey Mill Reef Affair BNJr $30.00 Complete
Baugh, Michael Mischief Maker ” Hobbs “ BNJr $0.00 Complete
Beach, Dawn Master Magician NT $50.00
  • Deposits
Beebe, Laura Dealt A Lucky Hand BNO $0.00 Complete
Beheler, Ashley Nehalem Bay BNO $0.00 Complete
Bezsylko, Anastasia Lunetta NR $0.00 Complete
Carlson, Laura CiCi BNR $0.00 Complete
Carter, Kylie Jinx BNJr $0.00 Complete
Carvalho, Kristen Bombero BNR $0.00 Complete
Charpentier, Clara Cookie EJr-2 $0.00 Complete
Collins, Emily #Now Trending NT $0.00 Complete
Cook, Kora Takoda Dreamer EJr-1 $0.00 Complete
Cooley, Keely An Irish Blessing NO $0.00 Complete
Coppage, Amy Integrity EO $0.00
  • Coggins
Copper, Charles Stardust BNO $0.00 Complete
Covert, Kristine Jeb Stuart BNR $0.00 Complete
Cox, Savannah Cassi EJr-2 $0.00 Complete
Cullingford, Riki You Bette BNR $0.00 Complete
Darr, Elizabeth Penelope NR $0.00 Complete
Dawson, Zoe Bert EJr-1 $0.00 Complete
Dear, Ashley Winning Cool Colors BNR $0.00 Complete
Donahue, Katrina Coincidentally BNCT $0.00 Complete
Etchberger, Rachel Thaddeus EJr-1 $0.00 Complete
Evans, Kerri Abydos DO $0.00 Complete
Fay, Kelly Enough Testing BNO $0.00 Complete
Flynn, Keely Galloway Girl EJr-2 $0.00 Complete
Garagusi, Charlotte Justice for All EJr-2 $0.00 Complete
Gehris, Susan Watch Me NR $0.00 Complete
Gillard, Ellenor Dusen DO $65.00
  • Signatures
Gillard, Ellenor Dusen DO $65.00
  • Signatures
Goodman, Kaitlyn Alex’s Signal BNR $0.00 Complete
Hamilton, Grace Amazin Script NR $175.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Hart, Erin Legal Buzz NR $0.00 Complete
Hayes, Emma Dorito Cooler Ranch EJr-1 $0.00 Complete
Hiener, Leah Old Fashioned Love Song BNJr $0.00 Complete
Hill, Autumn Final Salute EO $0.00 Complete
Hill, Sasha It Must Be Magic BNJr $0.00 Complete
Hinke, Emma Charlie Murray NO $0.00 Complete
Kasley, Emerson Big Bad Tattoo BNCT $0.00 Complete
Kasley , Addison Kodiak NR $0.00 Complete
Kaufman, Annabel Quicksilver NT $0.00 Complete
Keegan, Hanna Finnegan EJr-1 $0.00 Complete
Kim-Banther, Zenas Seal the Deal EO $0.00 Complete
Korey, Julia West Eighth Street BNO $0.00 Complete
Kracke-Bock, Karis Coach EJr-2 $0.00 Complete
Krunkaitis, Monika Great Seige EJr-2 $0.00 Complete
LaBarre, Ginger Elite Grand BNO $0.00 Complete
Larsen, Gaia Phoenix NT $0.00 Complete
Lenk, Izzy I Believe In Ghost BNJr $0.00 Complete
Lenk, Izzy George 43 BNJr $0.00 Complete
Lindamood , Jack Rivendell DO $0.00 Complete
Lindamood , Jack Rivendell NR $0.00 Complete
Lindamood, Jeanne Majestic Valley BNR $0.00 Complete
Lindquist, Billie Rose EO $0.00 Complete
Massey, Jordan Logan EO $0.00 Complete
McCormack, Sandy Rain Colony NO $0.00 Complete
McDowell, Olivia Remarkable NR $0.00 Complete
McElwain, Claire Que Sera Sera EO $0.00 Complete
McLean, Cara Rain On My Heart NO $0.00 Complete
McNemar, Cynthia Lady Rosita BNO $0.00 Complete
Mentzel, Lauren Buckshot BNO $0.00 Complete
Mikulsky, Megan Royal Candidate BNO $50.00 Complete
Monninger, Natalie Not Just Any Rookie EJr-2 $0.00 Complete
Montgomery, Madison Black Magic EJr-1 $0.00 Complete
Morris, Sallie Astute BNR $125.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Moy, Madison Bamm-Bamm BNJr $0.00 Complete
Nalls, Raegan Mmm Possibilities BNJr $0.00 Complete
Narrow, Rachel Fifteen Cents EO $0.00 Complete
Nelson, Emily Gwen EJr-1 $0.00 Complete
O’Connell, Maya High Altitude BNJr $0.00 Complete
Pate, Katerina Dekko EJr-1 $0.00 Complete
Perry, Mary Cozmos NR $0.00 Complete
Pienschke, Angelique Little Cristian ER $0.00 Complete
Pietrasanta, Sophie Sugar Bush Blue BNJr $0.00 Complete
Pino, Ella Apache (Patchee) EJr-1 $0.00 Complete
Powell, Monica Moon Hanger BNR $0.00 Complete
Price, Laney Cody EJr-2 $0.00 Complete
Rizzo, Katherine Bitsy’s Itsy DO $0.00 Complete
Rizzo, Katherine Bitsy’s Itsy DO $0.00 Complete
Rizzo, Katherine Bitsy’s Itsy DO $0.00 Complete
Rizzo, Katherine Sky’s the Limit EO $0.00 Complete
Roby, Mary Indian Song NO $0.00 Complete
Roby, Mary Into the Night EO $0.00 Complete
Rose, Paula Lysander’s Dream – Xander ER $0.00 Complete
Rutledge, Colleen Lissarino NO $125.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Rutledge, Cassandra Castaway NT $125.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Rutledge, Colleen Coherence NT $125.00 PENDING! Awaiting Funds
Sanders, Carmen Worth Every Penny DO $0.00 Complete
Sanders, Carmen Worth Every Penny DO $0.00 Complete
Scace, Anneke Educated Guess BNJr $0.00 Complete
Schneider, Kate Cinnamon Apple Cider EJr-2 $0.00 Complete
Schweers, Lindsey Eight Ball Corner Pocket BNR $0.00 Complete
Secan, John All Blinged Out BNO $0.00 Complete
Secan, John CV’s Monster Man BNO $0.00 Complete
Secan, John Potter EO $0.00 Complete
Spagnolo, Avery Stella Artois BNJr $0.00 Complete
Spatz, Macy D-Day BNJr $0.00 Complete
Steele, Caroline Windsor BNR $0.00 Complete
Tyler, Olivia Sam Slick EJr-2 $0.00 Complete
Van Vlasselaer, Kristien Cayden BHS BNCT $0.00 Complete
Vass, Makena Free Lily EJr-1 $0.00 Complete
Williams, Kelley Tiz a Deputy EO $175.00
  • Coggins
Wimmer, Becca Martini BNJr $0.00 Complete
Young, Adelynn Skip to my Lou EJr-1 $0.00 Complete
Ziegler, Olivia Mighty Mouse NR $0.00 Complete