REVISED Wednesday 3 PM


With the weekend nor’easter targeting the East Coast, the GJ and organizers have met and developed a new schedule for the Classic Competition.  What follows is a summary of the timetable; more specific details to follow:


8:30    Competitor briefing

10:30  First Horse Inspection

1:00    Dressage Phase Competition; Test Ride at 12:40

Balance of afternoon:  Walk/Ride A and C; Steeplechase Practice

Riders will customize their afternoon and Friday morning to best prepare for Friday afternoon

5:30 Dinner/Evening presentation


8:00 Official Course Walk

Novice: John; Training: Bobby; Preliminary:  Carol

Walk/Ride A and C; Steeplechase Practice; Walk D 

12:00 First horse on Phase A

4:30 XC Phase to conclude

5:30 Jumping Course Discussion and Course Walk 

Novice: Carol; Training: John; Preliminary:  Bobby

6:30 Food, Drink and more


7:30  Final Horse Inspection

8:45 Jumping Phase…Preliminary, Training and Novice

Waredaca Three Day October 2018

Gaithersburg MD

10/24/2018 to 10/28/2018

FINAL Ride Times

Revised: 10/24/2018 01:45 PM

Rider Name Horse Division Dressage Cross-Country Stadium
Berdell, Jennifer Open Road N3D Thu 03:16 pm Fri 02:49 pm
Burrows, Amy Chant de Ciel N3D Thu 02:31 pm Fri 02:34 pm
Casteel, Helen Unapproachable N3D Thu 02:24 pm Fri 02:31 pm
Cheek, Drew Blue Days Black Nights T3D Thu 02:25 pm Fri 12:50 pm
Cunningham, Blaire Fortune’s Fool N3D Thu 03:44 pm Fri 03:01 pm
Downing, Danielle Oldfield Frenchglen N3D Thu 02:48 pm Fri 02:37 pm
Drye, Melissa Miss May N3D Thu 04:05 pm Fri 03:10 pm
Epstein, Natalie Miller Fanta T3D Thu 01:29 pm Fri 12:29 pm
Epstein, Natalie Miller Lickity Split T3D Thu 04:27 pm Fri 01:32 pm
Fisher, Hannah Monster N3D Thu 03:58 pm Fri 03:07 pm
Forsyth, Micaela Southern Comfort N3D Thu 02:17 pm Fri 02:28 pm
Friedly, Jessica Nimble Wit N3D Thu 01:28 pm Fri 02:07 pm
Goodwin, Elizabeth Pik C T3D Thu 03:55 pm Fri 01:20 pm
Hagen, Ainsely Brae’s Mountain T3D Thu 04:11 pm Fri 01:26 pm
Hawe, Jocelyn Cadbury VT T3D Thu 02:41 pm Fri 12:56 pm
Hendricks, Erika Twice Wild T3D Thu 03:31 pm Fri 01:11 pm
Homan, Kate Aye Jameson N3D Thu 03:23 pm Fri 02:52 pm
Jones, Elizabeth Stormy Tori T3D Thu 02:01 pm Fri 12:41 pm
Kane, Sarah Thunderfeet N3D Thu 02:10 pm Fri 02:25 pm
Klemanski, Hayden Tidal Waves N3D Thu 02:03 pm Fri 02:22 pm
Kuntz, Brittany Heat Inndex T3D Thu 02:17 pm Fri 12:47 pm
Leuenberger, Jamie Tough and Groovy T3D Thu 03:39 pm Fri 01:14 pm
Ligon, Nicole Lighting Stone T3D Thu 04:03 pm Fri 01:23 pm
Merison, Caroline Avalon P3D Thu 01:08 pm Fri 12:03 pm
Miller, Missy Cillbhrid Rose N3D Thu 01:00 pm Fri 01:55 pm
Neuhoff DVM, Kathleen Swiss Mystique T3D Thu 01:37 pm Fri 12:32 pm
Neuhoff DVM, Kathleen Logan N3D Thu 04:19 pm Fri 03:16 pm
Noble, Sarah Glendevon’s Man About Town N3D Thu 03:02 pm Fri 02:43 pm
North, Rachael Be Quick Don’t Hurry N3D Thu 01:35 pm Fri 02:10 pm
O’Neil, Delaney An Irish Blessing T3D Thu 03:47 pm Fri 01:17 pm
O’Roark , Caitlin On A Mission T3D Thu 01:53 pm Fri 12:38 pm
Palanchian, Hanna Lux Like Business N3D Thu 01:14 pm Fri 02:01 pm
Pease, Cami Vibrant N3D Thu 03:30 pm Fri 02:55 pm
Provenzano, Susan Gotta Believe T3D Thu 03:23 pm Fri 01:08 pm
Raynor, Katy Brave Spirit T3D Thu 03:15 pm Fri 01:05 pm
Riley, Shannon Galway Girl T3D Thu 02:33 pm Fri 12:53 pm
Rizkowski, Dana Free Admission N3D Thu 01:42 pm Fri 02:13 pm
Roche, Kevin Lou N3D Thu 01:56 pm Fri 02:19 pm
Roosevelt, Alice Get It Together P3D Thu 01:16 pm Fri 12:06 pm
San Clemente, Analise Moonstruck N3D Thu 02:55 pm Fri 02:40 pm
Sanger, Cassie Ultra Violet T3D Thu 04:19 pm Fri 01:29 pm
Schaefer, Heidi Jasmine T3D Thu 03:07 pm Fri 01:02 pm
Seely, Mackenzie Jokers Wild N3D Thu 03:09 pm Fri 02:46 pm
Shiffer, Laurie One of the Girls T3D Thu 01:45 pm Fri 12:35 pm
Shiffer, Laurie Makin’ Her Marque N3D Thu 04:12 pm Fri 03:13 pm
Shipe, Ali Unforgettable N3D Thu 01:21 pm Fri 02:04 pm
Shomper, Robbin Silent Rain T3D Thu 02:59 pm Fri 12:59 pm
Simonson, Susan Ace of Hearts N3D Thu 03:51 pm Fri 03:04 pm
Snyder, Danae Wicked Elegance N3D Thu 01:49 pm Fri 02:16 pm
Stamos, Christina Tri for the Rubies N3D Thu 01:07 pm Fri 01:58 pm
Stenger, Samantha Winker’s Magic Rocket N3D Thu 04:26 pm Fri 03:19 pm
Sutherland, Kaitlyn Jack Be Nimble T3D Thu 02:09 pm Fri 12:44 pm
Teich, Caroline Dondarrion P3D Thu 01:00 pm Fri 12:00 pm
Waters, George An American Girl N3D Thu 03:37 pm Fri 02:58 pm