October 15

HI Everyone!

This is your first message from me, with more to come in the following days as I preview for each of you what is soon to happen as you begin your onsite Classic Experience at Waredaca!  All the messages I send will be chronicled on the website under ‘Rider Memos”.

Some housekeeping items…

Please be certain Cindy has your stabling info–Arrival day, approximate time of arrival, and your requested Tack Stall partner.  Check the Stabling tab for the latest list and notes: https://www.waredaca.com/classic-three-day-event/stabling/

Also, each of you will have an entrance wrist band for Thursday and Friday evening food and presentations.  A limited number of other tickets are available but MUST be purchased via credit card no later than noon on Friday.  Again, contact Cindy for this as well-(cell: 410 726 8926/talk or text; email: [email protected]) .  Tickets are $20 per night.  I must inform the caterer Friday afternoon of our final numbers.

Please review the provisional schedule posted and all of the other links for important information:

And the USEA Classic section link:


More to follow over the next week!!!!

Gretchen et al…my super committee of passionate Three Day enthusiasts!!


October 16

Hi all,

NEWS to USE as you continue your prep and planning….

AS a reminder, to preserve the welfare of our horses, thus keeping Dr Chad and all of you assured….you should be traveling with document that supports a current…

  • • Flu rhino— within the past 6 mos..this has been a rule for almost 2 years via USEF for recognized events
  • • Coggins and Health Certs… these are State Ag rules based on the fact that people are transporting the horses from state to State or intrastate; all of you have included current coggins with your entries…


You may be questioning when your times will be posted. ….

Typically at a regular three day, times are not finalized until the phase or activity preceding it has been completed…ie Dressage times are not posted until the results of the First Horse Inspection have been confirmed, same for the XC, not confirmed until the Dressage phase has been completed.

We realize that our Classic Three Day, while operating under the basic premise of the FEI event, is still a bit different.  Provisional!! times will be posted by the weekend.


so you can advise your grooms, friends, fans and so on when to come cheer you on!!


If you have yet to do so, please review the PROVISIONAL schedule…the start times for the actual Dressage and XC phases are still tentative; confirmed times will be sent as already indicated, so stay tuned.. We are again prioritizing the Thursday afternoon familiarity with Phase A and C as well as having the Thursday morning horse inspection immediately follow the practice session.   You will note that YOU, the riders, are our priority.  Certain activities are just for you with optional times for parents, grooms and so on to be involved.

FOOD…Remember you can purchase breakfast and lunch beginning with lunch Wednesday thru Sunday in the stabling area OR go out to one of the local eating places-maps and directions provided in your packets.   


Is all of your stabling info updated? With Cindy and on the website?!  Your arrival day and approximate time, whom you wish to have stabled nearby and whom you wish to share a tack stall and so on.

So expect to find in upcoming notes…more confirmed scheduling details, arrival logistics and a day to day scenario of what to expect once the Classic begins! Here is a brief overview to date..

A few more volunteer needs to be aware of….

2 people to assist with dinner prep Thur and Fri 5:00

4 people to assist with dressage reset Friday 12-230

3 people to assist with jumping set up with Kathy White Friday 12-3

that’s it for now; stay tuned!! Gretchen


October 17

Check Schedules and Event Info here….you will find updated logistics and details of our 321 campaign!

 Todays memos…..


IMPORTANT PLANNING ADVICE…there are 62 of you who will be doing final preps for the horse inspection…this will be a formal inspection–ponies clean, braided and you (sensibly, please!) dressed for the part!

It is NOT FEASIBLE for everyone to expect to bath your horse upon arrival or Thursday morning. There are three wash areas plus buckets/water and so on. The wiser plan is to properly bath them BEFORE arriving here, just having to spot check cleanliness before the actual inspection.

WEDNESDAY….YOU!! one week from today

Starting with your arrival and some suggestions and plans for you to consider…while in narrative form, everyone will have a complete FINAL schedule in your packet as well as posted on the website. Some ‘new’ directions and point people if changes need to occur.

Arrival Exams….. as part of the long format, Dr. Chad on Wednesday and Thursday will examine your horse. This ‘inbarn examination’ assures us that each horse is in suitable health and condition as well as not carrying anything contagious that might affect your horse’s performance or be a risk to any of the other stabled horses. Commuting horses will be checked either day as well. This examination will be brief and should last no longer than 5 minutes. Check with Lorraine or Cindy as to connecting with Chad.

  • Please communicate with CINDY WOOD (cell: 410 726 8926/talk or text; email: [email protected]) as to any changes to your anticipated arrival time or like issues; tack room partners etc
  • Please communicate with ROB LANG (Cell: 443 744 2468/talk or text) if you want to order shavings; $9/bag delivered to your stall unless preordered by 10/22
  • Please communicate with CHRIS DONOVAN (email: [email protected]) if you want to be on a team

The stalls will be set up on grass; your shared tack stall will be adjacent or very close by your horses stall. You might want to bring a tarp to cover the ground of your tack stall. Any tack stall decorations are fine 🙂 I think there is a stall decorating contest?!

You are welcome to hack around the stabling area. Please avoid the cross country course today (you will hack A and C Friday) and any prepared performance area. You are safer if you USE THE GRASS PATHS AND AVOID THE ROAD as you go from the stabling to the upper arenas please.


October 18



                                       THURSDAY….IT all begins !

EVERYONE starts with the

Mandatory Briefing at 8:30

this is followed by a discussion of the horse inspection process ( have you checked out the ‘how to jog’ info -http://useventing.com/sites/default/files/Howto_Present_for_Horse_Inspections.pdf-

and the YOUTUBE video ‘formal job basics video’ and summary on our website?

…then the formal horse inspection mid morning.   As already mentioned…. there is a water tanker truck and 3 wash areas at the stabling site. Knowing this you might consider giving your horse a GOOD bath before leaving your barn and then just (hopefully) having to ‘touch up’ here before the inspection. There are 60+ of you competing and it is simply not realistic to expect all of you time to properly bath your horse beforehand.

The FIRST HORSE INSPECTION…is a ‘formal’ presentation of you and your horse to the Ground Jury. This ‘first impression’ opportunity should be considered with the importance that it carries. Strive to introduce you and your horse with pride and confidence, something John will further discuss during the practice session. Plan to braid, have your horse and you both ‘neat, tidy and sensible’ in dress and footwear.

LUNCH on your own and on the ‘fly’ probably..….Dee will have her food truck set up, offering breakfast and lunch food for purchase. There is also be a list of area resources-food, gas and so on, in your packet. And on our website under Schedules and Info. The Taproom is open this evening from 4-8 and will be pouring at our Thursday dinner J

Continuing with Thursday…

In the afternoon, groups divide by level and participate in a dressage test review and critique, giving you the opportunity to watch your test being ridden by a demo rider, while the judges, Bobby and Carol, will comment and suggest ways to ride each movement to maximize your score.

John and Sue will have the other group meeting at the stable office. The plan is to thoroughly discuss A, B and C. Beginning with the discussion of ‘how to’ properly calculate times for A, B and C to physically touring the tracks, this session will prepare you for practice riding the ‘roads and tracks’ on Friday and competing on Saturday. Bring pencil and paper!   NOTE: this is an extremely power packed day of information and logistics; your horse may get the day off due to this OR plan to ride before the briefing. But this is a very essential day of information to make your experience smoother.

You will then proceed to preview the tracks on A and C via trucks. Lorraine, Cindy, Sue and John will arrange trucks and groups. The focus is on YOU getting the preview you need, with parents, grooms, supporters following along ‘behind’.

The first RIDERS ONLY cross country course walks will occur. Meet at the Start Box as you inspect your courses for the first time. We have two official course walks planned, each with a different professional. You are certainly welcome to walk at other times with whomever you choose.   Volunteers are welcome to join the Friday afternoon walk.

PROMPTLY at 5:30—emphasize PROMPTLY as there may not be food left if you arrive too late…MANDATORY RIDERS MEETING IN THE INDOOR ARENA at our EVENING presentation. First ___ from Dave and Dale, representing Purina, then Stephen and John will review your Saturday XC Road Map, from tacking up in the barn, what you and your horse should “wear,” to planning your arrival to Start A, to the Assistance Area after B, plans for you and your groom at the end of B, C, and D. Have you read Max’s article under Rider Resources on our website, hint hint!

Chad will follow with what to expect from the Vet’s Perspective: The right equipment to do the job on Friday. What you need and what you don’t need and so on.

Lastly John, Sue, Bobby and Carol will review rules and how NOT to get eliminated!

Dinner is included. Medical armbands returned too.



October 19 

HI!   here goes for this nights memo….

From Hannah, who is Waredaca’s all things Social Media:

Can you remind everyone to share photos with the #Waredaca3Day and tag Waredaca on Facebook and Instagram? I’m going to be at Carly’s wedding so won’t have much time to get my own. Also, if you could remind everyone to join the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/127302684589567/

Friday…the first performance day of the Classic! This is another eventful day with focus divided between the competitive dressage phase, and the continued preparation for Friday’s Cross Country Phase.  Your dressage tests are tabbed on your web section.

What else to know:

You CAN carry a whip, both in warmup and during your test.

EV156 Three-Day Events – Rules

  1. INTERNATIONAL THREE-DAY EVENTS. These competitions are conducted strictly in accordance with the FEI Rules for Three-Day Events, the FEI General Regulations, and the FEI Veterinary Regulations.
  2. NATIONAL THREE-DAY EVENTS. These competitions are conducted in accordance with the USEF Rules for Eventing and the additions and exceptions noted below.Guidance and clarifications of procedure may be found in the USEA Classic Series Handbook. BOD 6/11/18 Effective 9/1/18

You WILL ride in the standard/large arena-all levels.

There is no familiarization planned.

There will be two judges at each ring.

You may use fly bonnets, but they must comply with what is permitted and will be checked at the completion of your test.


The USEF Eventing Rules apply to the entire event; all of your dress and equipment requirements are the same as at any competition.  Again, any questions, please ask Technical Delegate Sue well in advance of your performance.


BOTH rings will run concurrently.  Then all riders will be slotted into Chase practice groups with a specific time with John.    The remainder of the time is for you to hack A and C, and be absolutely confident of where you are going and at what time on Saturday! Each group has a specific time for the second ‘official’ walk at the end of the XC prep practice and before the evening dinner discussion.


The late afternoon session will be promptly at 5:30 in the Indoor-best to remain parking in stabling and walk up the lane—OR park in our corner parking field.  Your XC Piney numbers will be handed out at the end of the presentations as well.   NO ONE will be permitted to start if your Rider Safety Sheet that was already sent to you is not completed and returned to Lorraine by late afternoon on Friday.   If you have misplaced yours, not to worry as some will be available upon your arrival.


PLEASE do attend the late afternoon presentation! The information shared is important to you! Plus it is a courteous THANK YOU to our guest speakers who volunteer to do this because they want support your efforts at this three day event!  And, you need to get your pinney number J  and then enjoy a hopefully  restful evening, if there is such a thing before the Cross Country!

Also…some more reminders…

Please remember that ALL REQUESTS FOR SHAVINGS BEFORE AND DURING THE COMPETITION GO STRAIGHT TO ROB LANG AND NOT THRU THE WAREDACA OFFICE! Those who did prepay via your original entry will receive your shavings, no problem.

Rob contact info: cell call or text: 443 7442468  [email protected]

Those of you who still owe muck fees, please be prepared to give to Cindy upon arrival. NO packets until all fees secured.

The physical address for our West Entrance/ Stabling site is: 4023 Damascus Road, Gaithersburg Md 20882; do NOT use the East Entrance off of Howard Chapel Road OR the main WAREDACA entrance at 4015 Damascus.  While our mailing address is actually Laytonsville as the city, this is a rural ‘suburb’ of Gaithersburg; the latter having multiple zipcodes.  If you ‘struggle’ with your GPS finding us, use 20882 and the city ‘Gaithersburg’.

All for tonight….more tomorrow!! Gretchen and crew


October 20


There will be confirmed directions for all our visitors regarding parking and arrival/departure etc. Each day, particularly Saturday will be slightly different so ‘heads up’ for these directions! Here are the initial plans:


visitor parking will be available in the corner parking field near the dressage arenas.


PLEASE TELL…….all of your friends, helpers, fans, grooms and so on that select PARKING will be at our

WEST ENTRANCE…signs will be posted roadside as well.   If you expect multiple vehicles of people coming,

we suggest car pooling OR advise others that additional parking is available in our corner parking field

where the day parking and our weekend competitors will be located. From there you can walk to the

Classic Stabling area. We will have LOTS of visitors on Saturday…volunteers, your support teams and so on!



THE day that everyone awaits…in various states of excitement, panic, fear, hope and exhilaration!! Embrace all of those emotions and make them work for you! For many of you, this may be your ‘Rolex’! Some of you are veterans of past Waredaca Three Days…back again this year with perhaps a new horse, or the same horse that has moved up a level or working extra hard to get rid of the demons from years past.

Whatever the reason, one of the most important things is to appreciate and acknowledge the ‘journey’ of the four cross country phases! Smile, thank (PLEASE!) as many volunteers as possible, be extra kind to your horse, and be proud of your hard work in participating in such a unique experience!

Have a simple but complete plan that includes all the necessary preparation before you even get on your horse—what equipment is going to the vet box, which assistant is doing what job when you arrive, and so on. Being supportive and helpful to each other is one of the GREATEST THINGS about this three-day experience! Yes, it is a competition but it also represents the collective efforts YOU have worked so hard to get here and be a part of!! Take the time to actually enjoy the day, smile when you start out on A, thank the gate stewards along the way on A and C, have an absolute blast on the chase and ride thoughtfully over the cross country!!

PLEASE plan to stop by the Stable area where Purina will be offering a ‘beverage and cheese’ session. This is to start around 2:00. They will appreciate the chance to talk to you; we will appreciate you talking to them and letting them know how much you enjoy the three-day experience and their presence at this type of event.   And to especially THANK them for your swag!

The final planned activity for the afternoon is your jumping course walk. Kathy will offer her insight into why she designed the course she is presenting to you and John will complement that with how best to solve that puzzle skillfully and successfully! Course walks follow. Once completed, get some well-deserved rest, you and your horse! The morning will come soon enough!

As mentioned, parking in the stable area will be limited-specific details announced during the Friday ‘day before’ mandatory cross country briefing as part of the evening presentation.

To conclude this memo…..Your Saturday plan…..Enjoy the day!!!……..the new friends you now have …. the ‘team’ that you represent….the fun of phase D….not getting lost on phase A or C…..the thrill of riding the Chase…..the wine/beverage and cheese that Purina has for you ‘after’ your horse is all settled and before you chat with John and Kathy White as she discusses her jumping course design and why she put that lone vertical at the end of a long approach !! Plus lots more reasons!!

Have an early evening and get some well-deserved rest before the Sunday finale.   Best of luck and hope you are the last one to jump tomorrow in the final Jumping Phase!


October 21 


One more action packed day but for a shorter period! The final horse inspection will begin at 7:30, and then the Prelims will head directly to their jumping phase. Training and Novice will follow, with riders jumping in reverse order of standing. A mounted awards ceremony concludes each level with lots of cheers and goodies!! We will announce provisional start times BUT you are responsible for listening to the PA and being prepared and timely to the warm up.

ALL riders must plan to have stalls checked prior to departure. For Sunday departures, our weekend horse trials XC phase will be going on so trailer packing and departure will be under the strict guidance of Lorraine and any one else assisting her.   Thanks for considering leaving your muck deposits for our 321 GO FIGHT BREAST CANCER Campaign.

The final memo….


                        STABLING ARRIVAL DETAILS:


  • Physical address for our West Entrance/ Stabling site is: 4017 Damascus Road, Gaithersburg Md 20882–same as Waredaca Brewing Company; do NOT use the East Entrance off of Howard Chapel Road OR the main WAREDACA entrance at 4015 Damascus Rd


  • Rider Briefing Thursday morning: 8:30 stable office
  • All arrival examinations must be completed before the end of Thursday.


  • Day stabling people: you will park in our corner parking field we use for competition parking. PARK  WHERE THE OTHER TRAILERS ARE, AND NOT ELSEWHERE PLEASE!! FOR YOUR SAETY.  Please, when transiting on scooter or horseback, use the field and NOT THE ROAD whenever possible.


  • Traveling around the farm: vehicles are welcome on the roads but NEVER on the grass. There is no driving around the farm; use your feet OR a scooter, gofl cart or a bicycle but no motorized vehicles on the farm.


  • Off loading and Lodging: upon arrival, you will offload your gear and then relocate your trailers to another area of the farm.   A few of you inquired about staying in your trailers; we do not offer hookups; if you are fully self contained, you may stay in your rigs but please note that the trailers are not parked at the stables. Lorraine and Cindy need to know who is planning to reside in their trailers please before you arrive-thanks. Upon arrival, Cindy, Lorraine and Pat ( maybe Michele too ) will greet and assist you with your specific stall assignment and orientation to the stabling area. TRAILER Access is only via the main road and NOT thru the property.


  • Stall Assignments: will be available upon your arrival. NO CHANGES unless agreed to by Cindy or Lorraine.


  • Sunday departure: our weekend horse trials XC phase will be going on so trailer packing and departure will be under the strict guidance of Lorraine.
  • Bedding and Shavings: The temporaries (standard issue type stalls) are set up on grass. No bedding is supplied. You can pre-order bedding ($9/bag) via Email ([email protected]) or call/text 443 744 2468 which will be delivered to your stall prior to your arrival IF we have received your payment in advance; if not, they will be delivered upon payment. Discuss and confirm all payment options with Rob. Otherwise, plan to bring your bedding, plus wheelbarrow, hay, feed, muck equipment, buckets, hooks, baling   twine and so on. You can also purchase bedding while here from Rob when here on site.


  • Joe and his mobile Top Line Tack trailer will be on site Friday; he will be located in the main corner parking field.




  • ALL OUTSTANDING FEES must be settled before arrival. This includes MUCK DEPOSITS.


  • WHAT TO BRING: All of your personal gear and equipment plus whatever is needed for your horse and his stabling. Don’t forget rain gear! Remember that protective headgear is required at all times when mounted. AND your horse must always wear an identification number when out of his stall—ie bridle number. Bring a portable CHAIR as well, for the briefings, meetings, some of the seminars etc


  • FOOD:       The Classic Committee has done a great job of providing food for you on Thursday and Friday evenings PLUS a Saturday afternoon Beverage and Cheese ‘Social’, thanks to PURINA! The dress code is comfortable and casual. Each rider has a wrist band/ticket.  The Evening activities will be held in our Indoor Arena.


  • The Waredaca Brewing Company Tasting Room will be open for business-times to be posted in the Stable Office!


  • LUNCH:       Assigned Volunteers will be provided with lunch. Everyone else has several options. You may drive to a lunch source, the closest places being one mile away-the local ‘greasy spoon’ with top notch burgers and another with pizza and sandwiches.-directions will be included in your packet.   Sorry but no commercial deliveries out here! There will be a Thursday thru Sunday Breakfast and Lunch Concession in the stabling area.


  • WHAT NOT TO BRING: We love ‘em and have seven who live here and call Waredaca their rightful home but please consider leaving your dog at his home.   If they accompany you, they must be leashed at ALL TIMES-NO EXCEPTIONS.


  • Bikes, that is the non-motorized types are allowed to go anywhere on the property.     Scooters and carts on the paved/hard surfaces.     Any vehicular transit between Stabling and the central areas of the farm must be on the paved road and not across the fields unless you are walking. DO NOT plan to drive beyond the Indoor Arena to the corner field or ringside.


  • PHONE NUMBERS: Keep these numbers close at hand and share with those at home in your absence:

Gretchen/cell: 240 401 4010

Vet on call: Damascus Equine Associates: 301 253 3992

Farrier on call: Tom Parris 301 854 6138

Cindy Wood/Event Secretary: 410 726 8926

Lorraine Hutson/Classic Stable Manager: 302 242 1160

Any questions, please Email us as soon as possible. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU SOON!!