• NO BEDDING PROVIDED…for those who wish to pre purchase shavings for Waredaca site….indicate how many bags you wish ($9/bag), ORDER via [email protected] and have a prepared check to ROB LANG for the total when you arrive and these will be awaiting you at your stall
    • You may purchase shavings on site and pick up yourself etc, same price, your choice, subject to availability. We do ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS VIA PHONE (301 570 4191)
  • Muck deposit must be paid in advance
  • Stabling Physical Address: 4017 Damascus Rd Gaithersburg MD 20882; same entrance as the Waredaca Brewing Company
  • ARRIVAL parking….will be under the strict direction of Cindy and other committee members. Trailers will be off loaded then relocated to another area of the farm for the week, where you can easily drive to if need be. Pack sensibly and efficiently.
  • AS a reminder, to preserve the welfare of our horses, thus keeping Dr Chad and all of you assured….you should be traveling with document that supports a current…Coggins and Health Certs… these are State Ag rules based on the fact that people are transporting the horses from state to State or intrastate; all of you have included current coggins with your entries…Flu rhino— within the past 6 mos..this has been a rule for almost 2 years via USEF for recognized events
  • The stalls will be set up on grass; your shared tack stall will be adjacent or very close by your horses stall. You might want to bring a tarp to cover the ground of your tack stall. Any tack stall decorations are fine 🙂 I think there is a stall decorating contest?!


Stabling Report Waredaca Classic Three Day 2019   (10/22/2019 to 10/27/2019)
Div Rider Horse                   Sex Sex Stable Near Muck Deposit paid Arrival Time
N3D Alaimo, Melissa Fascinating Rhyth M Katy Raynor, Debbie MacConnel yes check
N3D Brush, Ashley Rhythm & Blues G Amanda Ruane yes check
T3D Burke, Jaclyn Chance of Hidden G Burke end stall no
N3D Caprez, Eleyna Promise Me Mars G Dana Lortie yes CC
T3D Catlett, Mary-Cooke Luck of the Draw G Lindsay Kelley, Nell Nicastro yes CC
N3D Clarke, Katharine Kay’s Replica G Downing yes check
T3D Clarke, Taylore Excel Star Challen G yes CC
N3D Downing, Danielle Shannonbay Coco G Katharine Clarke yes CC
N3D Druffner, Sara All That Jazz G yes CC
N3D Feaga, Christina In The Mick of Tim G yes CC
T3D Gershowitz, Rebecca Hudson G no
N3D Giannini, Neva Stilwell Can Do G yes CC
N3D Gilbert, Malia Wave Acide M no
N3D Likins, Kirsten Fortissimo G no
T3D Lortie, Dana Excel Star Midas T G Caprez Yes CC
N3D Lucas, Ella Truthful Saint G adrianan Nielson no
T3D MacConnel, Debbie Four Fours G Drye Alaimo Raymor yes check
N3D Miller, Missy Alegratto G Miller yes cc
T3D Miller, Missy Shirsheen Fun Tim M Miller yes cc
N3D Neuhoff DVM, Kathlee Logan G neuhoff no
T3D Neuhoff DVM, Kathlee Swiss Mystique M neuhoff no
T3D Nicastro, Nell Abecca GS M yes cc
N3D Nielsen, Adriana Duke of Denver G Ella Lucas yes cc
N3D Parsonage, Evelyn Roman Art G yes cc
T3D Raynor, Katy Brave Spirit G yes check
T3D Rizkowski, Dana Free Admission G Burke Equestrian yes cc
N3D Rockwood, Gail Indigo Blue G yes cc
T3D Ruane, Amanda Castle’s Boy G Ashley Brush yes check
N3D Sackler, Cheryl Presto GWF G Missy Miller yes cc
T3D Tincher, Emily Bluegrass Baron G yes cc
T3D Vardy, Kristen Almond Joy M yes check
N3D Wagner, Randi Mambo G end stall please yes check