• NO BEDDING PROVIDED…for those who wish to pre purchase shavings for Waredaca site….indicate how many bags you wish ($9/bag), ORDER via [email protected] and have a prepared check to ROB LANG for the total when you arrive and these will be awaiting you at your stall
    • You may purchase shavings on site and pick up yourself etc, same price, your choice, subject to availability. We do ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS VIA PHONE (301 570 4191)
  • Muck deposit must be paid in advance
  • Stabling Physical Address: 4017 Damascus Rd Gaithersburg MD 20882; same entrance as the Waredaca Brewing Company
  • ARRIVAL parking….will be under the strict direction of Cindy and Lorraine. Trailers will be off loaded then relocated to another area of the farm for the week, where you can easily drive to if need be. Pack sensibly and efficiently.
  • AS a reminder, to preserve the welfare of our horses, thus keeping Dr Chad and all of you assured….you should be traveling with document that supports a current…Coggins and Health Certs… these are State Ag rules based on the fact that people are transporting the horses from state to State or intrastate; all of you have included current coggins with your entries…Flu rhino— within the past 6 mos..this has been a rule for almost 2 years via USEF for recognized events
  • The stalls will be set up on grass; your shared tack stall will be adjacent or very close by your horses stall. You might want to bring a tarp to cover the ground of your tack stall. Any tack stall decorations are fine 🙂 I think there is a stall decorating contest?!


Division First  Last Horse Sex Stable near Muck Deposit
P3D Ava Anderson Tell”M Nothin G no
N3D Jennifer Berdell Open Road G yes
N3D Amy Burrows Chant de Ciel M Julie McElhaney yes
T3D Drew Cheek Blue Days Black N G no
T3D Paula Colt High Maintenance M Drye Sutherland no
N3D Blaire Cunningham Fortunes Fool G yes
N3D Danileel Downing Oldfield Frenchgle G Hanna Palanchian yes
N3D Melissa Drye Miss May M Paula Clot yes
T3D Natalie Epstein Fante M Epstein yes
T3D Natalie Epstein Lickity Split M Epstein yes
N3D Hannah Fisher Monster G Nicole Ligon yes
N3D Micaela Forsyth Southern Comfort M Ligon Waltz Fisher no
N3D Jessica Friedly Nimble Wit G yes
T3D Elizabeth Goodwin PikC M Robin Stromp no
T3D Ainsely Hagen Brae’s Mountain G no
T3D Jocelyn Hawe Cadbury VT G Katy Raynor yes
N3D Donna Hecht Cocobolo G no
T3D Erika Hendricks Twice Wild G Fenn Shaffer Teich yes
N3D Kate Homan Aye Jameson g Kaitlyn Sutherland yes
N3D Sarah Kane Thunderfeet g Waters yes
N3D Hayden Klemanski Tidal Waves g no
T3D Brittany Kuntz Heat Inndex g no
T3D Jamie Leuenberger Tough and Groovy G yes
T3D Nicole Ligon Lighting Stone G Fisher Synder Waltz yes
T3D Danae Lortie Lighting Stone G yes
P3D Caroline Merison Avalon G Roosenvelt yes
N3D Missy Miller Cillbhrid M no
N3D Katleen Neuhoff Logan G other horse yes
T3D Katleen Neuhoff Swiss Mystique M other horse yes
N3D Sarah Noble Glendevon’s Man G Kevin Roche yes
N3D Rachael North Be Quick Don’t Hur M yes
T3D Delaney O’Neil An Irish Blessing G yes
T3D Caitlin O’Roark On a Mission M Jamie no
N3D Hannah Palanchian Lux Like Business G Downing Seely no
T3D Susan Provenzano Gotta Believe G yes
T3D Katy Raynor Brave Spirit G no
T3D Shannon Riley Galway Girl M no
N3D Dana Rizkowski Free Admission G yes
N3D Kevin Roche Lou G Sarah Noble yes
P3D Alice Roosevelt Get it Together G Merison, Sims Sanger no
N3D Analis San Clemente Moonstuck M Teich yes
T3D Cassie Sanger Ultra Violet M Sims Roosevelt yes
T3D Heidi Schaefer Jasmine M yes
N3D Mackenzie Seeley Jokers Wild g Downing yes
N3D Laurie Shiffer Makin’ Her Marque M Hawkes, Teich, Boyea yes
T3D Laurie Shiffer One of the Girls M Hawkes, Teich, Boyea yes
T3D Robbin Shomper Silent Rain G Goodwin yes
N3D Susan Simonson Ace of Hearts G Selmayr yes
N3D Danae Snyder Wicked Elegance M Ligon Waltz Fisher yes
N3D Christina Stamos Tri for the Rubies M Halliday yes
N3D Samantha Stenger Winker’s Magic Ro g Nuehoff yes
T3D Kaitlyn Sutherland Jack Be Nimble G Homan yes
P3D Caroline Teich Dondarrion G SanClemente no
N3D Kristen Vardy Almond Joy M yes
N3D George Waters An American Girl M Kane yes
ON Grace Boyea Charcoal Copy G Erica Hawks on grounds yes
OT Jack Curtis Playmate III G Robbins no
OT Sam Curtis Cooley Cut Copy G Robbins no
PR Katerine Garica-Chope Greystreet G Halliday yes
TR Katerine Garica-Chope Samba Dromo G Halliday yes
OT Julie McElhaney Temption G Burrows no
OP Missy Miller Van Goettsching G Miller no
NR Cadence Theroux Hot Toddy G Miller yes