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Waredaca October 2017 Horse Trials

 FINAL Ride Times  

POSTED: 10/18 1:00 PM




Don't forget that, due to our Classic Three Day we are NOT running a compressed event schedule timetable but the format DOES allows for relaxed 'proper' dress, if you so choose. XC attire permitted and encouraged when close times between phases are scheduled.  

  • FRIDAY PARKING for the XC and Jumping Course Walks will be at our WEST ENTRANCE, SAME AS THE WAREDACA BREWING COMPANY--NOT OUR MAIN 4015 ENTRANCE BUT THE VERY NEXT ONE.  Follow the paved road and park in the gravel area on your left; the start box is through the orchard toward the lake.  Don't forget to WALK the Jumping Course too.  Remember motor bikes ARE allowed on course up until the phase starts each day. The courses will be open from 3 PM to dark please.  Maps (only) available Friday at 3; these will be located AT THE START BOX IN THE LAKE FIELD.
  •  IF YOU FEEL YOUR TIMES ARE TOO CLOSE TOGETHER OR YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS, PLEASE  email gretchen@waredaca.com asap so we can find a workable schedule for you but please contact me NOW rather than the morning of the event.   



  • Show Office open and packets available Saturday and Sunday at 6:30 AM.
  • Weekend show office phone number 301 570 2150.  CINDY is the Event Secretary.
  • Colleen Rutledge is the event Rider Rep for all levels; her contact info will be available at the show office and posted on the notice board; if you see Colleen, please THANK her for doing this job and the paperwork associated with it!
  • Please TAB HERE for additional notes of interest
  • Jumping phase WALK schedule posted below.  THIS TIMETABLE IS IMPORTANT FOR YOUR PLANNING.  The BASIC TRACK is similar throughout the weekend.


  •  ALL TRAINING after 3 on Friday and before 10:40 on Saturday morning; 12-12:15; 
  • ALL NOVICE Sunday 2:40-3:10
  • ALL PRELIMINARY Sunday 12:30-1:10
  • ALL BEGINNER NOVICE Saturday 1:00-1:30; 2:00-2:15


 Waredaca October 2017 Horse Trials

Laytonsville MD

10/21/2017 to 10/22/2017

Ride Times  

Revised: 10/20/2017 01:16 PM

Rider NameHorseDivisionDressageCross-CountryStadium
Abramcheck, Carla Perla Dubh NR-B Sun 09:28 am Sun 01:08 pm Sun 03:58 pm
Albert, Linda Donnybrook's Scarlett O'Hara BNR Sat 10:52 am Sat 03:49 pm Sat 01:29 pm
Alcorn, Paige Emperor Zurg PR Sun 08:48 am Sun 11:32 am Sun 02:04 pm
Almeida, Arianna Rhein Aflame BN Sat 01:08 pm Sat 04:13 pm Sat 02:18 pm
Anderson-Blank, Cindy Galerna Campari Mail TH Sat 09:00 am Sat 02:40 pm Sat 12:53 pm
Anderson-Blank, Cindy Windchase Castle Comer TH Sat 09:48 am Sat 01:28 pm Sat 11:12 am
Anderson-Blank, Cindy Mizz Indy Cat TH Sat 10:36 am Sat 03:16 pm Sat 12:21 pm
Anderson-Blank, Cindy Finley BN Sat 11:40 am Sat 04:11 pm  
Anderson-Blank, Cindy Trumbull BN Sat 02:08 pm Sat 04:43 pm Sat 02:34 pm
Autry, Jenni Bellamy ON Sun 11:43 am Sun 02:16 pm Sun 04:36 pm
Bayley, Brooke Unbroken NH Sun 10:13 am Sun 12:42 pm Sun 03:32 pm
Bayley, Brooke Masterel ON Sun 11:01 am Sun 01:34 pm Sun 04:48 pm
Beach, Macy Chasing Moonlight PR Sun 08:18 am Sun 11:04 am Sun 01:54 pm
Beale Clement, Amanda Victory Dance TH Sat 09:30 am Sat 01:42 pm Sat 11:00 am
Bearden-Muller, Mogie Jelly Apple NH Sun 10:43 am Sun 12:38 pm Sun 03:28 pm
Bendure, Victoria Irish Riddler TR-A Sat 10:24 am Sat 02:20 pm Sat 11:26 am
Bienemann, Tracey Austin OP-A Sun 08:33 am Sun 10:36 am Sun 01:26 pm
Bokum, Victoria M Like Magic OP-B Sun 08:36 am Sun 11:36 am Sun 02:26 pm
Bortuzzo, Elizabeth Belongs To Teufer OP-A Sun 08:57 am Sun 10:44 am Sun 01:34 pm
Bourke, Timothy Quality Time P-CT Sun 08:00 am   Sun 01:16 pm
Bourke, Timothy Looks Quality OP-B Sun 08:48 am Sun 11:40 am Sun 02:30 pm
Bourke, Timothy Astrana De La Galerna OP-A Sun 09:27 am Sun 10:54 am Sun 01:46 pm
Bowersox, Joe Minotaure du Passoir OP-A Sun 09:21 am Sun 10:52 am Sun 01:22 pm
Bradshaw, Nicole  Tilt-A-Whirl ON Sun 01:03 pm Sun 02:32 pm Sun 04:56 pm
Brown, Asta Second Chance TR-A Sat 09:36 am Sat 02:00 pm Sat 11:02 am
Brown, Willa Safe and Sound ON Sun 12:33 pm Sun 02:26 pm Sun 04:46 pm
Brugmann, Anna Forgotten Lyrics BNR Sat 10:58 am Sat 03:53 pm Sat 01:31 pm
Bryner, Matthew Heiress OP-B Sun 08:54 am Sun 11:42 am Sun 02:32 pm
Butkus, Catherine Abendgold TR-A Sat 09:30 am Sat 01:56 pm Sat 10:58 am
Carr, Kathleen QLE Positron OT Sat 10:42 am Sat 02:46 pm Sat 12:33 pm
Casteel, Helen Unapproachable NR-A Sun 09:52 am Sun 12:52 pm Sun 03:42 pm
Chadderton, Kate Crazy for Calypso BN Sat 01:14 pm Sat 04:39 pm Sat 02:32 pm
Chadderton, Kate Curraheen Skyy ON Sun 11:55 am Sun 01:32 pm Sun 04:08 pm
Chadderton, Kate FF Valour ON Sun 12:39 pm Sun 02:38 pm Sun 04:58 pm
Champagne, Bradley Walleroo OP-B Sun 08:06 am Sun 11:26 am Sun 02:16 pm
Chauvin, Cherie No Objection ON Sun 11:13 am Sun 02:06 pm Sun 04:26 pm
Clucas, Cadence Cuesta Madrid BNR Sat 11:04 am Sat 03:57 pm Sat 01:33 pm
Clucas, Patty  Lookover Erin OT Sat 11:46 am Sat 03:18 pm Sat 12:41 pm
Cobia, Katie Hey Jude OP-A Sun 08:21 am Sun 10:34 am Sun 01:20 pm
Cooper, Courtney Excel Star If Never TH Sat 09:06 am Sat 01:46 pm Sat 11:04 am
Cooper, Courtney Excel Star Kenzo BN Sat 01:44 pm Sat 04:07 pm Sat 02:16 pm
Covey, Holly Tully Cross Hamish NR-A Sun 10:10 am Sun 12:58 pm Sun 03:48 pm
Crandall, Brittany Lady Wheaton TR-B Sat 10:12 am Sat 02:52 pm Sat 11:52 am
Curtiss, Molly Mary Read TR-A Sat 09:48 am Sat 02:08 pm Sat 11:10 am
D'Amore, Nicholas Celtic Heritage TR-A Sat 09:42 am Sat 02:04 pm Sat 11:06 am
Davis, Madison  King Congo BNR Sat 11:10 am Sat 04:01 pm Sat 01:35 pm
DeLaney, Katherine Elbaran PR Sun 08:24 am Sun 11:06 am Sun 01:56 pm
Diller, Laura Exception to the Rule TR-B Sat 10:18 am Sat 02:56 pm Sat 11:54 am
Domino, Katie Alleged Charge TH Sat 09:18 am Sat 01:34 pm Sat 10:52 am
Douzant, Martin He's My Rock TH Sat 09:54 am Sat 01:58 pm Sat 11:16 am
Douzant, Martin Festive Affair NH Sun 09:49 am Sun 12:34 pm Sun 03:10 pm
Dressner, Michelle Shamus Brown BNR Sat 11:16 am Sat 04:05 pm Sat 01:37 pm
Duda, Katelyn Will You Rember Me NH Sun 10:31 am Sun 12:24 pm Sun 03:14 pm
Ellis, Natalie Just Bailey OT Sat 10:36 am Sat 03:22 pm Sat 12:51 pm
Ellis, Natalie Thompson OT Sat 11:28 am Sat 02:42 pm Sat 12:19 pm
Esposito, Melissa I Spotted You NR-B Sun 10:28 am Sun 01:28 pm Sun 04:18 pm
Feaga, Christina In The Mick of Time TR-B Sat 10:00 am Sat 02:44 pm Sat 11:48 am
Fenn, Kathleen Darling Harbour PR Sun 08:12 am Sun 11:02 am Sun 01:52 pm
Fiss, Monica Old Fashioned Love Song PR Sun 09:00 am Sun 11:18 am Sun 02:10 pm
Fox, Gale Farley Coerte TH Sat 10:24 am Sat 02:18 pm Sat 11:36 am
Fraser, Colin Rihan Blue ON Sun 12:21 pm Sun 02:22 pm Sun 04:42 pm
Frederick, Leslie MTF High Tower TR-B Sat 10:36 am Sat 03:08 pm Sat 12:00 pm
Fulton, Stephen Leo the Lion Hearted TR-B Sat 09:48 am Sat 02:36 pm Sat 11:42 am
Gehris, Suzy Steddy Eddy BN Sat 01:56 pm Sat 04:31 pm Sat 02:40 pm
Giesselman, Connor Frankie OT Sat 12:04 pm Sat 03:26 pm Sat 12:47 pm
Goyea, Denise Highlife's Je T'aime PR Sun 09:06 am Sun 11:22 am Sun 01:40 pm
Goyea, Denise Quickest ON Sun 12:45 pm Sun 02:36 pm Sun 04:50 pm
Gray, Kristie Corsen SR OP-A Sun 09:03 am Sun 10:46 am Sun 01:36 pm
Green, Clare King Maker OT Sat 10:54 am Sat 02:54 pm Sat 12:23 pm
Greene, Sunny FLINDERS CHASE OT Sat 11:34 am Sat 03:06 pm Sat 12:25 pm
Gross, Ashley State of Lux TR-A Sat 10:18 am Sat 02:16 pm Sat 11:22 am
Grove, Mackenzie Waquoit's Diamond NR-A Sun 10:16 am Sun 01:00 pm Sun 03:50 pm
Herman, Mardi Go Gilda TR-A Sat 10:00 am Sat 01:44 pm Sat 10:48 am
Hood, Jamie APG Pragmatic Flutter TR-B Sat 09:54 am Sat 02:30 pm Sat 11:46 am
Horn, Cole Popstar NH Sun 10:19 am Sun 12:30 pm Sun 03:20 pm
Hunsberger, Melissa Rule of Thumb OP-B Sun 08:12 am Sun 11:28 am Sun 02:18 pm
Hunsberger, Melissa Ballaghmore Castle OP-A Sun 08:51 am Sun 10:42 am Sun 01:32 pm
Jarman, Corey O'Meara TR-B Sat 10:06 am Sat 02:48 pm Sat 11:50 am
Kager, Victoria California Comet OP-A Sun 08:27 am Sun 10:38 am Sun 01:28 pm
Kaufman, Annabel Quicksilver NR-B Sun 10:34 am Sun 01:30 pm Sun 04:20 pm
Kelley, Lindsay Cooley Daydream OP-B Sun 09:12 am Sun 12:20 pm Sun 02:24 pm
King, Oliver Bruno PR Sun 08:00 am Sun 10:58 am Sun 01:48 pm
Kress, Annabelle Cooley Streetwise NR-B Sun 09:58 am Sun 01:18 pm Sun 04:24 pm
Kuczynski, Caitlin VH Sounds of Summer BN Sat 01:02 pm Sat 04:23 pm Sat 02:24 pm
Kuczynski, Caitlin Fernhill Showboat PR Sun 08:54 am Sun 11:16 am Sun 02:06 pm
Kuntze, Maya PL Irish Queen NR-A Sun 09:58 am Sun 12:54 pm Sun 03:44 pm
Lane, Stevie Carmen NR-A Sun 10:22 am Sun 01:02 pm Sun 03:52 pm
LeClaire, Joanne Missy Clare ON Sun 12:57 pm Sun 02:30 pm Sun 04:54 pm
Leese, Carrie Bunny TR-B Sat 09:30 am Sat 02:24 pm Sat 11:30 am
Levering, Alex Swizzle TR-B Sat 10:24 am Sat 03:00 pm Sat 11:56 am
Lyons-Sprouse, Barbara Wishful Thinking TR-B Sat 09:42 am Sat 02:32 pm Sat 11:38 am
Marnane, Hillary  Diablo Guapo NR-B Sun 09:40 am Sun 01:12 pm Sun 04:02 pm
Martin, Boyd Maya TH Sat 10:00 am Sat 02:06 pm Sat 11:20 am
Martin, Boyd Ringo Star OT Sat 11:58 am Sat 03:24 pm Sat 12:49 pm
Martin, Boyd Barry OP-B Sun 08:00 am Sun 11:20 am Sun 02:14 pm
Martin, Boyd Atavism OP-A Sun 08:39 am Sun 10:30 am Sun 01:18 pm
Martin, Boyd Tura Lura OP-B Sun 09:06 am Sun 11:46 am Sun 02:38 pm
Martin, Caitlin Silver Dancer PR Sun 08:30 am Sun 11:08 am Sun 01:58 pm
Maticic, Becky Dark Secrets OT Sat 11:40 am Sat 03:14 pm Sat 12:39 pm
Mayo, Katie  Mr Mayhem TR-A Sat 09:54 am Sat 02:12 pm Sat 11:14 am
McBain, Eliza Gray Flannel Jackets NR-A Sun 09:34 am Sun 12:46 pm Sun 03:36 pm
McBain, Sadie Uno NR-A Sun 09:40 am Sun 12:48 pm Sun 03:38 pm
McGrain, Megan Soul Power TH Sat 09:12 am Sat 01:36 pm Sat 11:18 am
McGrain, Megan Marine Hymn TH Sat 10:06 am Sat 02:26 pm Sat 12:31 pm
McGrain, Morgan Mad Hatter NR-A Sun 10:28 am Sun 01:04 pm Sun 03:54 pm
McQuillan, Sean Fulham OP-B Sun 08:18 am Sun 11:30 am Sun 02:20 pm
McQuillan, Sean Bastiaan OP-A Sun 09:15 am Sun 10:40 am Sun 01:30 pm
Miller, Sharon  Ethan OP-B Sun 08:30 am Sun 11:34 am Sun 02:36 pm
Mollett, Darrin Beverly's Clueso OT Sat 10:30 am Sat 02:38 pm Sat 12:17 pm
Mollett, Darrin Beverly's Get Even OT Sat 11:22 am Sat 03:32 pm Sat 12:57 pm
Morey, Holly Metropolitan BNR Sat 11:22 am Sat 04:09 pm Sat 01:39 pm
Muller, Kayla  Richemont TH Sat 09:24 am Sat 01:38 pm Sat 10:56 am
Muller, Kayla  Admiralty OT Sat 10:12 am Sat 03:12 pm Sat 12:37 pm
Niles, Abigail Carrick Finest Lad PR Sun 08:36 am Sun 11:10 am Sun 02:00 pm
Novak, Heather Hallston BNR Sat 11:28 am Sat 04:15 pm Sat 01:41 pm
O'Brien, Gracie Cooley Sky High NR-B Sun 10:04 am Sun 01:20 pm Sun 04:10 pm
O'Connor, David Tremolo OP-B Sun 08:24 am Sun 11:44 am Sun 02:34 pm
O'Donnell , Madison Mansfield Park NR-B Sun 09:34 am Sun 01:10 pm Sun 04:00 pm
Ong, Hannah  CMA Pop Tart ON Sun 11:49 am Sun 02:18 pm Sun 04:38 pm
Orms, Moriah Widespread Chaos TR-A Sat 09:06 am Sat 02:02 pm Sat 10:42 am
Pease, Cami Vibrant BNR Sat 12:56 pm Sat 04:21 pm Sat 01:45 pm
Peeler, Jamie Double Shot of Espresso BNR Sat 11:46 am Sat 04:25 pm Sat 01:47 pm
Pendleton, Michael R Valentino Himself TH Sat 10:30 am Sat 02:10 pm Sat 11:28 am
Pendleton, Michael The Fonz Himself OT Sat 12:16 pm Sat 03:30 pm Sat 12:55 pm
Pendleton, Michael Espri Fidele NH Sun 10:07 am Sun 12:26 pm Sun 03:16 pm
Phifer, Sadie Gusty Day BNR Sat 11:52 am Sat 04:29 pm Sat 01:49 pm
Player, Glenda Dreams Come True BN Sat 01:32 pm Sat 04:19 pm Sat 02:22 pm
Quilodran, Manon Orison PR Sun 08:06 am Sun 11:00 am Sun 01:50 pm
Reilly, Megan Tori's Run NR-B Sun 10:16 am Sun 01:24 pm Sun 04:14 pm
Rosenberg, Hannah Read The Will ON Sun 01:09 pm Sun 02:28 pm Sun 04:52 pm
Ross, Jacqui Smoke and Mirrors TR-B Sat 09:36 am Sat 02:28 pm Sat 11:34 am
Rutledge, Colleen  Carmina OP-A Sun 08:15 am Sun 10:48 am Sun 01:42 pm
Rutledge, Colleen  Your A to Z's OP-B Sun 09:00 am Sun 11:14 am Sun 02:08 pm
Rutledge, Colleen  Lively Times NH Sun 10:01 am Sun 11:48 am Sun 03:46 pm
Rutledge, Colleen  Grand Coulee ON Sun 12:27 pm Sun 02:34 pm Sun 04:22 pm
Rutledge, Colleen  Astute ON Sun 01:15 pm Sun 03:02 pm Sun 05:00 pm
Ryan, Emily Fine Art NR-A Sun 09:46 am Sun 12:50 pm Sun 03:40 pm
Samoylenko, Lisa Teruko EDF TH Sat 09:42 am Sat 01:50 pm Sat 11:08 am
Samoylenko, Seija Black Russian OP-B Sun 08:42 am Sun 11:38 am Sun 02:28 pm
Sansone, Cynthia Pippin VI NR-A Sun 10:34 am Sun 01:06 pm Sun 03:56 pm
Sawanobori, Diane Mr. Sandman BNR Sat 11:58 am Sat 04:33 pm Sat 01:51 pm
Schmitt, Alyssa Ilaria NH Sun 10:25 am Sun 12:32 pm Sun 03:22 pm
Schmitt, Nikolaus Music of the Night NH Sun 09:55 am Sun 12:22 pm Sun 03:12 pm
Schriver, Demery Timely Fashion ON Sun 11:25 am Sun 02:10 pm Sun 04:30 pm
Seely, Mackenzie Jokers Wild BNR Sat 12:04 pm Sat 04:37 pm Sat 01:53 pm
Seger, Yvette Finders Keepers NR-B Sun 10:10 am Sun 01:22 pm Sun 04:12 pm
Selmayr, Booli First frost OP-A Sun 09:09 am Sun 10:32 am Sun 01:38 pm
Sharkey, Allison Fling  NR-A Sun 09:28 am Sun 12:44 pm Sun 03:34 pm
Shilling, Emily Pirate OT Sat 12:10 pm Sat 03:28 pm Sat 12:45 pm
Shultz, Pamela  Landslide NH Sun 10:37 am Sun 12:36 pm Sun 03:26 pm
Siegel, Kelsey Just In Time NR-A Sun 10:04 am Sun 12:56 pm Sun 03:24 pm
Sills, Stephanie Some Sunday BN Sat 01:26 pm Sat 04:17 pm Sat 02:20 pm
Sills, Stephanie Vino del Porto PR Sun 08:42 am Sun 11:12 am Sun 02:02 pm
Sommer, Hannah Magic Replica OT Sat 11:52 am Sat 03:20 pm Sat 12:43 pm
Stephenson, Sherry Pygmalion Prince TR-A Sat 09:24 am Sat 01:52 pm Sat 10:54 am
Stone Bourke, Marley  LVS Dassett Charisma  P-CT Sun 07:50 am   Sun 01:14 pm
Suero, Sofia Golden Anniversary BNR Sat 12:10 pm Sat 04:41 pm Sat 01:55 pm
Taylor, Kelly Kynynmont Indeliby Irish PR Sun 09:12 am Sun 11:24 am Sun 02:22 pm
Temple, Kelli Caleesi OT Sat 11:00 am Sat 02:58 pm Sat 12:27 pm
Temple, Kelli Carmella ON Sun 11:31 am Sun 02:12 pm Sun 04:32 pm
Theurel, Daniela  Hacker TR-B Sat 10:30 am Sat 03:04 pm Sat 11:58 am
Vizcarrando Pride, Valerie Judge Puttnam ON Sun 11:37 am Sun 02:14 pm Sun 04:34 pm
Wade, Rachel Foxfield Drive BNR Sat 12:16 pm Sat 04:45 pm Sat 01:57 pm
Warren, Kate Emyra V TR-A Sat 09:00 am Sat 01:32 pm Sat 10:40 am
Warro, Michelle Play Like A Raven OP-A Sun 08:45 am Sun 10:50 am Sun 02:12 pm
Watson, Marcella La First Lady OT Sat 10:48 am Sat 02:34 pm Sat 12:29 pm
Watters, Susan Pallhkari BNR Sat 11:34 am Sat 04:47 pm Sat 01:59 pm
Whalin, Chritine Brooke BN Sat 01:50 pm Sat 04:35 pm Sat 02:30 pm
Wikstrom, Alexandra Secret Asset ON Sun 11:19 am Sun 02:08 pm Sun 04:28 pm
Wilks, Rachel Celtic King BN Sat 01:38 pm Sat 04:27 pm Sat 02:26 pm
Wilson, Abigail Hey Parker TH Sat 09:36 am Sat 01:30 pm Sat 10:44 am
Wilson, Megan D.A. Cruiseland NR-B Sun 09:46 am Sun 01:14 pm Sun 04:04 pm
Wolsk, Claire Arnold the Terminator NR-B Sun 10:22 am Sun 01:26 pm Sun 04:16 pm
Wood, Ryan Atlantic Spring OT Sat 11:06 am Sat 03:02 pm Sat 11:44 am
Wood, Ryan Eiffel BN Sat 12:22 pm Sat 04:03 pm  
Wood, Ryan Insuspense BN Sat 12:50 pm Sat 03:51 pm  
Wood, Ryan Shannondale Julius BN Sat 01:20 pm Sat 03:55 pm  
Wood, Ryan Tullabeg Dilson BN Sat 02:02 pm Sat 03:59 pm  
Woodworth, Kristen Bonmahon Blue Moon NH Sun 10:49 am Sun 12:40 pm Sun 03:30 pm
Wyssen, Sarah Prince Rasmus TR-A Sat 09:18 am Sat 01:48 pm Sat 10:50 am
Yates, Samantha  Crescendo TR-A Sat 09:12 am Sat 01:40 pm Sat 10:46 am
aa, aa aa TH Sat 10:12 am Sat 02:22 pm Sat 11:40 am
aa, aa aa ON Sun 11:07 am Sun 02:20 pm Sun 04:40 pm
aa, aa aa ON Sun 12:51 pm Sun 02:24 pm Sun 04:44 pm





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