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Waredaca August 2017 Horse Trials

 PROVISIONAL Ride Times (Subject to Change)

POSTED: 8/17 10:00 PM




Don't forget that the compressed event schedule allows for relaxed 'proper' dress, if you so choose. XC attire permitted and encouraged when close times between phases are scheduled.  

  • FRIDAY PARKING for the XC and Jumping Course Walks will be at our WEST ENTRANCE, SAME AS THE WAREDACA BREWING COMPANY--NOT OUR MAIN 4015 ENTRANCE BUT THE VERY NEXT ONE.  Follow the paved road and park in the gravel area on your left; the start box is through the orchard toward the lake.  Don't forget to WALK the Jumping Course too.  Remember motor bikes ARE allowed on course up until the phase starts each day. The courses will be open from 3 PM to dark please.  Maps (only) available Friday at 3; these will be located AT THE START BOX IN THE LAKE FIELD.
  •  IF YOU FEEL YOUR TIMES ARE TOO CLOSE TOGETHER OR YOU HAVE ANY CONCERNS, PLEASE  email gretchen@waredaca.com asap so we can find a workable schedule for you but please contact me NOW rather than the morning of the event.   


  • Show Office open and packets available Saturday and Sunday at 6:30 AM.
  • Weekend show office phone number 301 570 2150.  CINDY is the Event Secretary.
  • Colleen Rutledge is the event Rider Rep for all levels; her contact info will be available at the show office and posted on the notice board; if you see Colleen, please THANK her for doing this job and the paperwork associated with it!
  • Please TAB HERE for additional notes of interest
  • AEC PREP riders doing XC, check in with Cindy re your times.
  • Jumping phase WALK schedule posted below.  THIS TIMETABLE IS IMPORTANT FOR YOUR PLANNING.  The BASIC TRACK is similar throughout the weekend.


  •  ALL PRELIMINARY after 3 on Friday and before 9:40 on Saturday morning
  • ALL NOVICE  Saturday 11:30-noon; 1-1:10; 1:42-1:55
  • ALL TRAINING Saturday afternoon, 4:30-dark; Sunday morning before 9:40
  • ALL BEGINNER NOVICE Saturday 12:20-12:40; 1:50-2:00
  • ALL INTERMEDIATE Saturday 2:30-2:50 


 FINAL Ride Times  

Waredaca August 2017 Horse Trials

Laytonsville MD

8/19/2017 to 8/20/2017

Revised: 08/17/2017 08:50 PM

Rider NameHorseDivisionDressageCross-CountryStadium
Abrams, Luba The Godfather BNR-A Sun 11:04 am Sun 01:21 pm Sun 01:00 pm
Adams, Ann Calliope TR-A Sun 08:48 am Sun 10:52 am Sun 10:30 am
Adamson, Michelle A Taboo Question BNR-A Sun 10:40 am Sun 01:05 pm Sun 12:44 pm
Agard, Rose Commando AEC-SJ      
Agard, Rose Commando AEC-XC     Sat 02:41 pm
Allison, Julia Last Diplomat BNR-B Sun 11:52 am Sun 01:43 pm Sun 01:24 pm
Anderson-Blank, Cindy Two Tickets OP Sat 09:12 am Sat 10:54 am Sat 10:38 am
Angulo, Kara Frame Bye Bye America ON Sat 12:54 pm Sat 02:37 pm Sat 02:17 pm
Ansaldi, Paige  Pog Mahome NR-B Sat 09:29 am Sat 12:34 pm Sat 12:14 pm
Ashker, Laine Lil Jet Setter OP Sat 08:24 am Sat 10:26 am Sat 10:06 am
Ashker, Laine DeBakey NH Sat 12:47 pm Sat 01:56 pm Sat 01:36 pm
Ashker, Laine Suite One BNH Sun 12:10 pm Sun 01:51 pm Sun 01:32 pm
Ashker, Laine Sea Of Champagne BNH Sun 12:48 pm Sun 02:51 pm Sun 02:32 pm
Ashker, Valerie Behrens Raven BNH Sun 01:00 pm Sun 02:27 pm Sun 02:08 pm
Astorino, Bethany Partly Puzzled BNR-A Sun 11:22 am Sun 01:33 pm Sun 01:12 pm
Atherton, Blake Queen Chlo Chlo  OBN Sun 01:45 pm Sun 02:49 pm Sun 02:30 pm
Avella, Meghan Finn McCool BNR-A Sun 12:16 pm Sun 01:59 pm Sun 01:40 pm
Backus, Leah Diamond of Truth NR-B Sat 10:05 am Sat 12:58 pm Sat 12:38 pm
Bale, Elise Smokey BNR-B Sun 12:04 pm Sun 02:23 pm Sun 02:04 pm
Barnett, Rebecca LaurentianC BNR-A Sun 11:10 am Sun 01:25 pm Sun 01:04 pm
Battig, Nora Little Miss OT Sun 09:06 am Sun 10:56 am Sun 10:40 am
Baussan, Sofia Sambuko NH Sat 11:10 am Sat 01:38 pm Sat 01:14 pm
Baussan, Sofia Durango I Sun 11:21 am Sun 03:23 pm Sun 03:06 pm
Beale Clement, Amanda Aspire R OP Sat 09:42 am Sat 10:58 am Sat 10:42 am
Beale Clement, Amanda Get Ready I Sun 01:16 pm Sun 03:43 pm Sun 03:26 pm
Beaver, Danielle Chai Tea Latte TR-A Sun 09:18 am Sun 11:22 am Sun 11:00 am
Betz, Elyse Dromolin BNR-A Sun 11:34 am Sun 01:41 pm Sun 01:22 pm
Bickel, Robin Rocky TR-A Sun 09:12 am Sun 11:16 am Sun 10:54 am
Biddle, Jane Requiem In Color BNR-B Sun 12:10 pm Sun 01:35 pm Sun 01:16 pm
Biddle, Jane Requiem In Color AEC-D Sun 02:19 pm    
Birdsong, Carson Bally Grace Laralai NR-B Sat 09:23 am Sat 12:30 pm Sat 12:10 pm
Bond, Kristen Enough Already I Sun 11:35 am Sun 03:27 pm Sun 03:10 pm
Bourke, Timothy Looks Quality OP Sat 08:30 am Sat 10:32 am Sat 10:12 am
Bradley, Kai She's Softly Spoken NR-A Sat 10:40 am Sat 01:04 pm Sat 12:44 pm
Brown, Willa Safe and Sound BNH Sun 01:18 pm Sun 02:41 pm Sun 02:22 pm
Brugmann, Anna Forgotten Lyrics BNR-B Sun 11:22 am Sun 01:23 pm Sun 01:02 pm
Burchianti, Brooke  Bella Giovanna ON Sat 10:52 am Sat 02:00 pm Sat 01:40 pm
Burchianti, Brooke  Freshman Forum ON Sat 12:24 pm Sat 02:59 pm Sat 02:45 pm
Burchianti, Brooke  Eternal Hope I Sun 10:53 am Sun 03:15 pm Sun 03:00 pm
Call, Tera Affirminator PR Sat 08:06 am Sat 10:08 am Sat 09:48 am
Callahan, Elizabeth Merlin TR-A Sun 09:06 am Sun 11:10 am Sun 10:48 am
Camp-Crowder, Bennett Rosalind TH Sun 10:30 am Sun 12:02 pm Sun 11:42 am
Capuano, Dyanna Alluseeismytale BNH Sun 01:12 pm Sun 02:45 pm Sun 02:26 pm
Casteel, Helen Unapproachable NR-A Sat 09:35 am Sat 12:28 pm Sat 12:08 pm
Cecere, Kim Landmark's Monaco OP Sat 08:18 am Sat 10:18 am Sat 09:58 am
Cecere, Kim LNDMK'S Miners Diamond OT Sun 09:54 am Sun 11:48 am Sun 11:28 am
Chadderton, Kate  Dolly OP Sat 07:54 am Sat 10:36 am Sat 10:18 am
Chadderton, Kate Bright Opposition ON Sat 10:58 am Sat 02:17 pm Sat 01:57 pm
Chadderton, Kate Ff Valour ON Sat 11:52 am Sat 12:52 pm Sat 12:32 pm
Chapin, Sarah  Binn Waiting TR-A Sun 08:54 am Sun 10:58 am Sun 10:36 am
Chauvin, Cherie No Objection ON Sat 11:34 am Sat 02:29 pm Sat 02:09 pm
Child, Krista  Drake TH Sun 10:36 am Sun 12:18 pm Sun 11:58 am
Church, Sharon Rose and Crown PR Sat 08:36 am Sat 10:38 am Sat 10:20 am
Clasing, Daniel Arsinoe OT Sun 08:30 am Sun 11:28 am Sun 11:12 am
Clasing, Daniel Crime Wave OT Sun 09:18 am Sun 10:24 am Sun 10:04 am
Clasing, Daniel Star Attraction OBN Sun 01:15 pm Sun 02:29 pm Sun 02:10 pm
Cobb, Jennifer Little Sorrow PR Sat 08:48 am Sat 10:46 am Sat 10:30 am
Connelly, Denise Cat In The Hat TN Sun 10:18 am Sun 12:38 pm Sun 12:08 pm
Conway, Mini Nobleton TR-A Sun 08:12 am Sun 10:14 am Sun 09:54 am
Cooper, Courtney Who's A Star I Sun 12:48 pm Sun 03:37 pm Sun 03:20 pm
Cousins, Sarah Christopher I Sun 11:00 am Sun 03:17 pm Sun 02:58 pm
Cousins, Sarah Wizard I Sun 11:56 am Sun 03:49 pm Sun 03:32 pm
Crowell, Carson Neferhotep JYOP Sat 08:20 am Sat 10:10 am Sat 09:50 am
Curtiss, Molly Mary Read TH Sun 09:54 am Sun 11:36 am Sun 11:20 am
Davis, Katie Big Breeze I Sun 12:10 pm Sun 03:33 pm Sun 03:16 pm
DeAngelo, Laura Raptana High TH Sun 10:24 am Sun 12:12 pm Sun 11:52 am
DeLaney, Katherine Canto Royale JYOP Sat 08:32 am Sat 10:24 am Sat 10:04 am
Decker, Skyler MHS Cooley Vegas JYOP Sat 08:26 am Sat 10:16 am Sat 09:56 am
Dennis, Abigail Never Better TR-B Sun 08:12 am Sun 10:16 am Sun 09:56 am
Derby, Avery JB NR-B Sat 09:59 am Sat 12:54 pm Sat 12:34 pm
Desper, Sabine Adamek TR-A Sun 08:00 am Sun 10:02 am Sun 09:42 am
Dickerson, Gabby Governor SGS OP Sat 08:06 am Sat 10:04 am Sat 09:44 am
Dickerson, Gabby Luck of the Draw OP Sat 09:00 am Sat 11:02 am Sat 10:46 am
Diller, Laura Exception to the Rule TR-A Sun 08:24 am Sun 10:26 am Sun 10:06 am
Divito, Kathy AP Booray BNR-A Sun 11:58 am Sun 02:31 pm Sun 02:12 pm
Douzant, Ashley  Frame Abdullah de la Folie TN Sun 10:00 am Sun 12:42 pm Sun 12:10 pm
Douzant, Martin UBQuiet OT Sun 08:54 am Sun 11:08 am Sun 10:52 am
Douzant, Martin Frame Fineas TN Sun 09:30 am Sun 01:03 pm Sun 12:04 pm
Douzant, Martin Frame Glengold TN Sun 10:12 am Sun 12:40 pm Sun 12:20 pm
Druffner, Sara Lionheart BNR-A Sun 11:40 am Sun 01:45 pm Sun 01:26 pm
Dupont, Alexandra To Infinity NR-A Sat 09:59 am Sat 12:44 pm Sat 12:24 pm
Durst, Erin Salute The Captain PR Sat 08:30 am Sat 10:34 am Sat 10:14 am
Eads, Jessica Upgrade TR-A Sun 09:30 am Sun 11:34 am Sun 11:14 am
Ellis, Natalie Thompson TR-B Sun 08:24 am Sun 10:28 am Sun 10:08 am
Ellis, Natalie Just Bailey TR-B Sun 09:18 am Sun 11:46 am Sun 11:24 am
Ennis, Julia Coconut Ice EBF OBN Sun 01:09 pm Sun 02:09 pm Sun 01:50 pm
Farris, Charlotte  Canyon Sirecho BNR-B Sun 11:46 am Sun 01:39 pm Sun 01:20 pm
Feaga, Christina In The Mick of Time TR-A Sun 08:18 am Sun 10:20 am Sun 10:00 am
Fox, Melissa Command Approval TR-A Sun 08:36 am Sun 10:40 am Sun 10:18 am
Fox, Melissa Diamond Legacy TR-A Sun 09:36 am Sun 11:56 am Sun 11:36 am
Franks, April Pots and Pans I Sun 11:28 am Sun 03:25 pm Sun 03:08 pm
Frederick, Leslie MTF High Tower OT Sun 08:24 am Sun 10:18 am Sun 09:58 am
Garofalo, Suzanne Bryn Carregwen Arwen TN Sun 09:54 am Sun 12:36 pm Sun 12:06 pm
Gershowitz, Rebecca Hudson TR-A Sun 09:24 am Sun 11:30 am Sun 11:06 am
Gibbon, Abby Jaunty Doll NH Sat 11:22 am Sat 01:42 pm Sat 01:22 pm
Gilbertson, Kelley Big Bang Theory BNR-A Sun 10:52 am Sun 01:13 pm Sun 12:52 pm
Greenway, Sarah Luckaun Cruising Quality ON Sat 11:28 am Sat 02:17 pm Sat 01:57 pm
Greenway, Sarah Padi's Celtic Measure OT Sun 09:12 am Sun 11:02 am Sun 10:46 am
Greer, Huxley Marked Ruler OT Sun 08:06 am Sun 10:00 am Sun 09:40 am
Greer, Huxley Vesuvian OT Sun 09:00 am Sun 11:32 am Sun 11:08 am
Griffin, Caroline Curraheen Skyy NR-B Sat 09:53 am Sat 12:50 pm Sat 12:30 pm
Hafer, Lindsay Sawyer ON Sat 11:22 am Sat 02:25 pm Sat 02:05 pm
Hafer, Lindsay Sawyer AEC-D Sun 01:54 pm    
Hagarty, Lauren Bellini NH Sat 12:23 pm Sat 01:54 pm Sat 01:34 pm
Hansen, Juliana Lovey Assistant TH Sun 10:18 am Sun 12:16 pm Sun 11:56 am
Hardy, Margo Soling's Hat Trick NR-A Sat 10:46 am Sat 01:08 pm Sat 12:48 pm
Harsomchuck, Emily Donar's Royalty BNR-B Sun 10:58 am Sun 01:07 pm Sun 12:46 pm
Hayes, Olivia Bankwood Boy TR-B Sun 08:48 am Sun 10:54 am Sun 10:32 am
Held, Tyler  Tatanka OBN Sun 12:57 pm Sun 02:11 pm Sun 01:52 pm
Hershbine, Brynn Cadenza Aria BNR-B Sun 11:16 am Sun 01:19 pm Sun 12:58 pm
Hobbs, Alexis Pepper OBN Sun 01:33 pm Sun 02:39 pm Sun 02:20 pm
Horwith, Allison Larrikin PR Sat 08:42 am Sat 10:42 am Sat 10:24 am
Horwith, Allison Seamus ON Sat 12:42 pm Sat 02:39 pm Sat 02:19 pm
Horwith, Allison More Zen Ready OT Sun 10:06 am Sun 11:38 am Sun 11:16 am
Hunter, Madison Jack Sparrow NH Sat 11:46 am Sat 01:30 pm Sat 01:10 pm
Jansen, Maddy Thunder Cap BNR-B Sun 12:45 pm Sun 02:05 pm Sun 01:46 pm
Johnson, Cali Black Label PT Sat 09:04 am Sat 11:26 am Sat 10:54 am
Johnson, Kerra Fly High Quality NH Sat 10:05 am Sat 01:18 pm Sat 12:58 pm
Johnson, Kerra Whimsical Illusions ON Sat 11:16 am Sat 02:55 pm Sat 02:35 pm
Kelley, Claire Dude What's Up NH Sat 11:40 am Sat 01:46 pm Sat 01:26 pm
Kelley, Lindsay Cooley Daydream PT Sat 08:57 am Sat 12:07 pm Sat 10:26 am
Kelley, Lindsay Ricochete NH Sat 11:16 am Sat 01:40 pm Sat 01:20 pm
Kieffer, Lauren LNDMK'S Mochachino OP Sat 08:54 am Sat 10:48 am Sat 10:32 am
Kieffer, Lauren Gomarus ON Sat 11:58 am Sat 02:35 pm Sat 02:15 pm
Kieffer, Lauren Get Gaudi OT Sun 08:36 am Sun 11:52 am Sun 11:32 am
Kieffer, Lauren LNDMK'S Apollo OT Sun 09:42 am Sun 10:30 am Sun 10:10 am
Kieffer, Lauren Fashion Forward I Sun 01:30 pm Sun 03:47 pm Sun 03:30 pm
Kilday, Caroline Coincidentally NR-A Sat 09:47 am Sat 12:36 pm Sat 12:16 pm
Klemanski, Hayden Tidal Waves NR-B Sat 10:29 am Sat 01:12 pm Sat 12:52 pm
Kling, Hallie Uncle Eddy NR-B Sat 09:47 am Sat 12:46 pm Sat 12:26 pm
Kovach, Lily Denmark TR-B Sun 09:42 am Sun 10:50 am Sun 10:34 am
Kress, Annabelle Cooley Streetwise NR-B Sat 10:35 am Sat 01:14 pm Sat 12:54 pm
Kriegel Trier, Ashley Velocity OT Sun 10:24 am Sun 11:58 am Sun 11:38 am
Kuczynski, Caitlin Fernhill Blueprint PT Sat 08:13 am Sat 12:09 pm Sat 10:16 am
Kuczynski, Caitlin Fernhill Showboat PT Sat 09:11 am Sat 11:28 am Sat 10:56 am
Kuczynski, Caitlin VH Sounds of Summer OBN Sun 01:39 pm Sun 02:43 pm Sun 02:24 pm
Lackey, Jenny Badlands Billy TR-B Sun 08:06 am Sun 10:10 am Sun 09:50 am
Lasser, Elyse Limited Edition BNR-A Sun 11:46 am Sun 01:49 pm Sun 01:30 pm
Lavallee, Katie Maybelline Cover Girl NR-B Sat 10:23 am Sat 01:10 pm Sat 12:50 pm
Leuenberger, Jamie The Black Pearl NR-B Sat 09:11 am Sat 12:22 pm Sat 12:02 pm
Leuenberger, Jamie Tough and Groovy TR-B Sun 08:00 am Sun 10:04 am Sun 09:44 am
Lindamood, Jamie Rivendell NH Sat 11:34 am Sat 01:44 pm Sat 01:24 pm
Lortie, Dana Springhill Midas Touch NR-A Sat 10:22 am Sat 12:56 pm Sat 12:36 pm
Luce, Julia Macinaw TR-B Sun 08:54 am Sun 11:00 am Sun 10:38 am
Lyons-Sprouse, Barbara Wishful Thinking TR-A Sun 08:06 am Sun 10:08 am Sun 09:48 am
Markley, Amber Sum Assembly Required BNH Sun 11:52 am Sun 02:53 pm Sun 02:34 pm
Markley, Amber I Love Lucy BNH Sun 12:54 pm Sun 01:53 pm Sun 01:34 pm
Markley, Madison Lady Godiva NR-B Sat 10:11 am Sat 01:02 pm Sat 12:42 pm
Marshall, Francoise Luray OBN Sun 01:21 pm Sun 02:33 pm Sun 02:14 pm
Martin, Boyd High Aspirations I Sun 10:46 am   Sun 02:56 pm
Martin, Boyd Ray Price I Sun 11:42 am    
Martin, Boyd Tura Lura I Sun 12:55 pm    
Martin, Boyd SBF Cortez I Sun 01:37 pm    
Martin, Caitlin Silver Dancer TR-B Sun 08:36 am Sun 10:42 am Sun 10:20 am
Maticic, Becky Dark Secrets TH Sun 10:00 am Sun 12:10 pm Sun 11:50 am
Mazzatta, Abigail Surtax BNR-B Sun 11:04 am Sun 01:11 pm Sun 12:50 pm
Mazzatta, Alexis Shigatzi TR-B Sun 08:30 am Sun 10:36 am Sun 10:16 am
McElligott, Julia Ricky ON Sat 11:10 am Sat 02:21 pm Sat 02:01 pm
McGrath, Morgan Alecaura ON Sat 12:48 pm Sat 02:23 pm Sat 02:03 pm
McGrath, Morgan Mizz Indy Cat OT Sun 09:48 am Sun 11:44 am Sun 11:26 am
McQuillan, Sean Fulham OT Sun 10:12 am Sun 11:54 am Sun 11:34 am
McQuillan, Sean Bastiaan I Sun 01:02 pm Sun 03:39 pm Sun 03:22 pm
Merle-Smith, Nicolette Ratatouille OP Sat 08:42 am Sat 10:52 am Sat 10:36 am
Meyers, Lauren  CA Khaptivating BNR-B Sun 11:40 am Sun 02:03 pm Sun 01:44 pm
Middlebrook, Sophia South Park I Sun 12:03 pm Sun 03:31 pm Sun 03:14 pm
Miller, Alyssa  Morado Caballo BNR-B Sun 11:10 am Sun 01:15 pm Sun 12:54 pm
Miller, Cierra Well Done Son NR-B Sat 10:17 am Sat 01:06 pm Sat 12:46 pm
Miller, Rachel Tough Enough TR-B Sun 09:12 am Sun 11:18 am Sun 10:56 am
Moguel, Daniela Cecelia I Sun 01:09 pm Sun 03:41 pm Sun 03:24 pm
Newsome, Alayna  Isobel's Hero NH Sat 01:11 pm Sat 02:51 pm Sat 02:31 pm
Norris, Ashley Monhegan SCF NH Sat 11:58 am Sat 01:52 pm Sat 01:32 pm
O'Brien, Gracie Cooley Sky High BNR-B Sun 11:34 am Sun 01:31 pm Sun 01:10 pm
O'Donoghue, Meghan Vector OP Sat 08:12 am Sat 10:12 am Sat 09:52 am
O'Donoghue, Meghan Enchanting Class OT Sun 08:42 am Sun 10:38 am Sun 10:22 am
O'Donoghue, Meghan Scottiforgottee TH Sun 09:48 am Sun 12:14 pm Sun 11:54 am
ODonoghue, Kelty  Mr Puff Higgrns Jr. NH Sat 10:58 am Sat 01:34 pm Sat 01:16 pm
Odenkirk, Sharon Silk Slipper OT Sun 10:18 am Sun 11:40 am Sun 11:18 am
Olson, Deborah Cooley Krafty TR-A Sun 09:00 am Sun 11:04 am Sun 10:42 am
Paradis, Krysta The Flying Fox BNH Sun 01:30 pm Sun 02:47 pm Sun 02:28 pm
Parris, Kristen No Halo Here PR Sat 08:12 am Sat 10:14 am Sat 09:54 am
Parris, Kristen Lord Ivanhoe OT Sun 08:18 am Sun 10:12 am Sun 09:52 am
Pease, Cami Vibrant BNR-A Sun 12:42 pm Sun 01:57 pm Sun 01:38 pm
Pecinovsky, Katerina Coffee Break BNR-A Sun 11:16 am Sun 01:29 pm Sun 01:08 pm
Peeler, Jamie Double Shot of Espresso BNR-B Sun 11:58 am Sun 01:47 pm Sun 01:28 pm
Pendleton, Michael Atavism PR Sat 09:00 am Sat 11:08 am Sat 10:52 am
Pendleton, Michael Espri Fidele NH Sat 12:41 pm Sat 01:58 pm Sat 01:38 pm
Pendleton, Michael Carlsburg OT Sun 08:00 am Sun 11:26 am Sun 11:10 am
Pendleton, Michael Maya OT Sun 08:48 am Sun 10:32 am Sun 10:12 am
Pendleton, Michael Ringo Star TH Sun 09:42 am Sun 12:22 pm Sun 12:02 pm
Peterson, Alyssa  R-Perfect Storm OT Sun 10:00 am Sun 11:50 am Sun 11:30 am
Peterson, Alyssa  Stormin' Truth I Sun 01:44 pm Sun 03:35 pm Sun 03:18 pm
Plumb, Cassie  Coco PR Sat 08:00 am Sat 10:02 am Sat 09:42 am
Potts, Jodie Wapiti Byrd OP Sat 09:54 am Sat 11:06 am Sat 10:50 am
Poulsen, Danielle On The Sly TH Sun 10:42 am Sun 12:20 pm Sun 12:00 pm
Quilodran, Manon Orison PR Sat 08:24 am Sat 10:28 am Sat 10:08 am
Ramsey, Catherine  Devil's Energy BNH Sun 01:06 pm Sun 02:35 pm Sun 02:16 pm
Reilly, Erin Banc D'Or TR-B Sun 09:36 am Sun 11:42 am Sun 11:22 am
Reilly, Megan Tori's Run NR-A Sat 09:41 am Sat 12:32 pm Sat 12:12 pm
Rice, Hannah Joy Page 3 Girl BNR-B Sun 11:28 am Sun 01:27 pm Sun 01:06 pm
Rice, Hannah Joy Page 3 Girl AEC-D Sun 02:07 pm    
Rice, Hannah Joy Page 3 Girl AEC-D Sun 02:32 pm    
Rice, Hannah Joy Page 3 Girl AEC-D Sun 02:58 pm    
Rivera, David Tejana NR-A Sat 10:34 am Sat 12:48 pm Sat 12:28 pm
Rosenberg, Hannah Read The Will TR-A Sun 08:42 am Sun 10:46 am Sun 10:24 am
Rotrosen, Elizabeth The Last Call TR-A Sun 08:30 am Sun 10:34 am Sun 10:14 am
Rotrosen, Elizabeth Paloleo TR-B Sun 09:24 am Sun 12:04 pm Sun 11:44 am
Rugloski, Kris The Mikado BNR-A Sun 10:58 am Sun 01:17 pm Sun 12:56 pm
Rutledge, Cassie Connect the Dots NR-B Sat 09:35 am Sat 12:38 pm Sat 12:18 pm
Rutledge, Colleen Grand Coulee NH Sat 10:52 am Sat 01:32 pm Sat 01:12 pm
Rutledge, Colleen Astute ON Sat 11:46 am Sat 02:57 pm Sat 02:37 pm
Safigan, Anna Mecke's Choice NR-A Sat 10:28 am Sat 01:00 pm Sat 12:40 pm
Sanfilippo, Nita Alarmabull I Sun 11:07 am Sun 03:19 pm Sun 03:02 pm
Scannell, Alexandra Faolan I Sun 01:23 pm Sun 03:45 pm Sun 03:28 pm
Schmidt, Keara Joey G JYOP Sat 08:38 am Sat 10:40 am Sat 10:22 am
Schmitt, Alyssa Star of Silver NH Sat 11:28 am Sat 01:48 pm Sat 01:28 pm
Schmitt, Alyssa Ilaria NH Sat 12:29 pm Sat 03:01 pm Sat 02:47 pm
Schmitt, Nikolaus Music of the Night NH Sat 11:04 am Sat 01:36 pm Sat 01:18 pm
Schmitt, Nikolaus Talk about Love NH Sat 12:35 pm Sat 03:03 pm Sat 02:49 pm
Scott, Madeline Annaghs spirit TR-B Sun 09:00 am Sun 11:06 am Sun 10:44 am
Seger, Yvette Finders Keepers OBN Sun 12:51 pm Sun 02:07 pm Sun 01:48 pm
Sendak, Courtney DGE TheManInTheGlass I Sun 11:14 am Sun 03:21 pm Sun 03:04 pm
Severson, Kim Ringfort Fighting Chance OP Sat 08:00 am Sat 10:00 am Sat 09:40 am
Severson, Kim RevitaVet Always Cooley OP Sat 08:48 am Sat 11:24 am Sat 11:04 am
Severson, Kim Excusively Cooley  ON Sat 12:36 pm Sat 02:53 pm Sat 02:33 pm
Shilling, Emily Stagger TR-B Sun 09:06 am Sun 11:12 am Sun 10:50 am
Shirley, Sally Copelan's Prayer TH Sun 10:06 am Sun 12:06 pm Sun 11:46 am
Shortt, Anna Lochlan NR-B Sat 09:17 am Sat 12:26 pm Sat 12:06 pm
Siegel, Kelsey Just In Time TN Sun 10:06 am Sun 12:44 pm Sun 12:12 pm
Siegmund, Heidi Ducati GT Z ON Sat 11:40 am Sat 02:31 pm Sat 02:11 pm
Smith, Nikki Sir Valentine OT Sun 10:30 am Sun 12:00 pm Sun 11:40 am
Solomon, Claire Ballyneety TR-B Sun 09:48 am Sun 11:24 am Sun 11:02 am
Solomon, Sydney Quarlotta OP Sat 09:48 am Sat 11:04 am Sat 10:48 am
Solomon, Sydney Early Review C AEC-D Sat 01:15 pm    
Speck, Braden Moondance NH Sat 01:05 pm Sat 02:49 pm Sat 02:29 pm
Speck, Kaelen American Fortitude NH Sat 11:52 am Sat 01:50 pm Sat 01:30 pm
Springer, Allison Beverly's Get Even PT Sat 08:06 am Sat 12:11 pm Sat 11:02 am
Springer, Allison Beverly's Clueso PT Sat 08:44 am Sat 11:49 am Sat 11:28 am
Springer, Allison Beverly's Bebop OP Sat 09:18 am Sat 10:22 am Sat 10:02 am
Stephenson, Sherry Pygmalion Prince AEC-SJ     Sun 12:16 pm
Stephenson, Sherry Pygmalion Prince AEC-XC      
Stephenson, Sherry Pygmalion Prince AEC-D Sun 02:44 pm    
Stewart, Julia Mount Lofty NR-A Sat 09:53 am Sat 12:40 pm Sat 12:20 pm
Stone Bourke, Marley  LVS Dassett Charisma  OP Sat 09:30 am Sat 10:44 am Sat 10:28 am
Stout, Ashley Deo Volente NR-B Sat 10:41 am Sat 01:16 pm Sat 12:56 pm
Stout, Ashley Deo Volente AEC-D Sun 02:07 pm    
Strini, Lucia Donna Del Lago YEH4 Sat 12:37 pm    
Suero, Sofia Excalibur AEC-SJ     Sun 01:14 pm
Suero, Sofia Excalibur AEC-SJ     Sun 12:42 pm
Suero, Sofia Excalibur AEC-D Sun 01:54 pm    
Suero, Sofia Excalibur AEC-D Sun 02:19 pm    
Swites, Stephanie Clonshire Le Roy NR-A Sat 09:23 am Sat 12:20 pm Sat 12:00 pm
Symansky, Lynn Strattonstown Lewis OP Sat 09:36 am Sat 11:00 am Sat 10:44 am
Symansky, Lynn My Man Cooley NH Sat 12:53 pm Sat 02:47 pm Sat 02:27 pm
Taggart, Mary Ellen Silver Cloud BNR-A Sun 11:28 am Sun 01:37 pm Sun 01:18 pm
Taylor, Ashley Untouchable Rock PR Sat 08:18 am Sat 10:20 am Sat 10:00 am
Temple, Kelli Metallica OP Sat 09:06 am Sat 10:30 am Sat 10:10 am
Temple, Kelli McMullen Caleesi OT Sun 09:30 am Sun 11:20 am Sun 11:04 am
Temple, Kelli McMullen Carmella OBN Sun 01:03 pm Sun 02:13 pm Sun 01:54 pm
Thornley, Shari Toga OT Sun 08:12 am Sun 10:06 am Sun 09:46 am
Tracy, Kendyl Kilrainey Riddle ON Sat 11:04 am Sat 02:19 pm Sat 01:59 pm
Tracy, Kendyl Uptown Indy ON Sat 12:30 pm Sat 03:14 pm Sat 03:00 pm
Vizcarrondo, Valerie Dewey Square TH Sun 10:12 am Sun 12:08 pm Sun 11:48 am
Vos, Dave Spring Centurion PR Sat 08:54 am Sat 10:50 am Sat 10:34 am
Vos, Dave Apollo NH Sat 12:59 pm Sat 02:41 pm Sat 02:21 pm
Voss, Skyeler Argyle OP Sat 09:24 am Sat 10:56 am Sat 10:40 am
Walton, Michael Cooley Ambition OT Sun 09:36 am Sun 10:44 am Sun 10:28 am
Weil, Erin  Boomtown NR-A Sat 09:29 am Sat 12:24 pm Sat 12:04 pm
Welker-Ebling, Elizabeth Catchy Connection AEC-SJ     Sun 12:18 pm
Welker-Ebling, Elizabeth Catchy Connection AEC-D Sun 02:32 pm    
Welker-Ebling, Elizabeth Catchy Connection AEC-D Sun 02:44 pm    
West, Michaline Southport BNR-A Sun 10:46 am Sun 01:09 pm Sun 12:48 pm
Wikstrom, Alexandra Change Order I Sun 11:49 am Sun 03:29 pm Sun 03:12 pm
Wilcher, Patrick Yankiee Station OP Sat 08:36 am Sat 10:06 am Sat 09:46 am
Wilcox, Rebecca Cock a Doodle Doo BNH Sun 01:24 pm Sun 02:25 pm Sun 02:06 pm
Williams, Christine Art's Timeless Color BNR-B Sun 12:39 pm Sun 01:55 pm Sun 01:36 pm
Wilson, Megan Victory Dance OBN Sun 01:27 pm Sun 02:37 pm Sun 02:18 pm
Wise, Nancy Beverly's Diamond Lad AEC-SJ      
Wise, Nancy Beverly's Diamond Lad AEC-XC   Sat 03:05 pm Sat 02:39 pm
Wise, Nancy Beverly's Diamond Lad AEC-D Sat 01:00 pm    
Wolsk, Claire Arnold the Terminator NR-B Sat 09:41 am Sat 12:42 pm Sat 12:22 pm
Zabroske, Lydia Stella Artois TR-B Sun 08:18 am Sun 10:22 am Sun 10:02 am
Zebley, Marsha Hawkeye View OT Sun 09:24 am Sun 11:14 am Sun 10:58 am
Zehner, Jami Rondeau BNR-A Sun 12:04 pm Sun 02:01 pm Sun 01:42 pm


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