Waredaca’s PonyKids Program is designed to introduce 5-7 year olds to horses, horsemanship, and riding in an environment of safety and fun. This all important beginning will provide a solid and correct base for their future enjoyment and learning. It is taught in a half-hour private lesson format to accommodate each child’s individual development and learning style.

Pony Kids are leadline lessons taught primarily on the trail and in the fields. The program focuses on developing your child’s confidence, balance, and coordination on horseback as well as teaching them about horses–colors, parts of the horse, saddle and so on.  As goals are reached in these areas, each child will move on to more direct control of the horse. Some children may initially be ready to ride independently and not on a leadline; this decision will be determined by the instructor. The next step would be a Mini Lesson of 30 minutes as a progression to our regular lesson series.  The fee for this is $65 per lesson rather than the $80 for a 30 minute private lesson.

In inclement weather, lessons generally occur in our indoor arena.  As the weather gets colder, your child may not be comfortable riding outdoors if our indoor arena is already busy with other lessons, which is typical on the weekends.  If the weather is mild enough then Pony Kids can continue but will need to be determined on a week by week basis thru Mid March, when our Spring session will begin.  Discuss with your instructor how to communicate and plan.  Lessons are $50 each.  Call Program Manager Colleen at 301 509 4372 OR email [email protected] gmail.com OR your child’s instructor to schedule.

Our payment policy is as follows: In an effort to avoid the inconvenience that missed lessons and last minute cancellations cause, if any lesson is cancelled later than 9 AM the day before the scheduled lesson, a $35 late fee will be charged.

All lesson students’ parents are to provide a credit card for Waredaca to keep on file; this card will only be used if payment is not received at the time of the lesson OR a cancellation or no show occurs outside of the time frame allowed.

Thanks and welcome to the program!!