The WAREDACA Pony Club Riding Center was founded in 2007, in association with Waredaca Farm. WPCRC is a proud member of United States Pony Club‘s Maryland Region, which includes about 20 clubs and centers. WPCRC does maintain a limited membership due to the other horse related programs at the farm. We average 30 members!

An excerpt from the USPC website further explains exactly what a “Center” is….

“The USPC Riding Center Program is modeled after the British Pony Club Center Program, which has had phenomenal success. They currently have over 400 Centers and have over 10,000 Center members.

The purpose of the Riding Center Program is to make available Pony Club membership to youth who would not traditionally been able to participate in Pony Club due to not owing or having consistent access to a mount. Many of our Clubs have addressed this issue on a local basis. The Riding Center Program will address it on a national basis.

The Riding Center Program is designed to work with facilities that currently have a riding lesson program in place. The facility must be able to offer the core disciplines of Pony Club and be able to handle the administrative work involved in running a Pony Club Riding Center. The full Pony Club program and all Pony Club opportunities will be offered to those members participating through a Riding Center.”

Waredaca is the perfect place for a Center! We are an established riding and recreational facility since 1932, offering horseback riding lessons, summer camp and Eventing competitions. We have also been involved with the local Pony Clubs for many years, being the host site for regional competitions and the preferred training site for the cross-country practices. As a Pony Club Center, Waredaca offers the right blend of experienced instructors and administrators, a beautiful working farm and suitable comprehensive and competitive riding program! Riding students with skills level of Intermediate 3 and above, should definitely consider joining!!

Waredaca PC Center Administrator
Katherine Rizzo: 301-904-4048 ([email protected])

Waredaca PC Instructors & Coaches
Katherine Rizzo: 301-904-4048 ([email protected])
Helen Casteel: 202-256-1594 ([email protected])
Liz Schroeder: 301-775-1862 ([email protected])
Marty Miller (shooting coach for tetrathlon): [email protected]

Waredaca PC Parent Coordinator
Jessica Jones: 703-901-5280 ([email protected])

Waredaca PC Treasure
Karen Hench: 240-687-1900 ([email protected])

Waredaca PC Newsletter
Amy Kasley: 301-774-3597 ([email protected])

Waredaca PC Social Activities
Katrina Van Dopp: 301-758-6539 ([email protected])

Instruction and Competition

WPCRC strives to fulfill the mission of USPC, in providing opportunities for equestrian instruction and competition for pony clubbers up to 25 years of age. At the Waredaca Pony Club Riding Center, we teach English riding using the balanced seat. This kind of riding is based on a modified dressage seat and includes riding on the flat (ring riding) jumping, and riding in the open (trail riding and cross-country jumping). This differs from the forward seat (used in Hunter equitation) and the saddle seat (used with gaited horses). While riding on the flat, the balanced seat rider’s position is upright, with shoulder, hip and heel forming a straight vertical line.

Emphasis on the balanced seat combined with the activities and competitions that develop skills in a broad range of riding disciplines—dressage, jumping and combined training (eventing). Not coincidentally, these three equestrian sports compete at the Olympic level.

At WPCRC, programs are offered in: dressage, cross-country, show jumping, “Quiz” and horse management. Weekly mounted lessons are offered at the farm with the opportunity for additional lessons and leasing. Instruction and safety are emphasized, as well as fun for all. The USPC also offers programs in Mounted Games, Polocrosse, Tetrathlon and Foxhunting. WPCRC members are often invited to foxhunt with Goshen Hounds at special junior meets.

Occasional clinics with visiting or guest instructors are also offered in addition to the regular lessons. Unmounted meetings are offered weekly on an advance sign up basis. During unmounted meetings members learn about topics such as: feeding, veterinary care, shoeing and various areas of horse management.

WPCRC members are encouraged to work their way through the stages of the progressive Standards of Proficiency, which test knowledge and riding ability. Pony Clubbers who attain the B, H-A and A rating levels meet standards of competence that are recognized throughout the horse world.