Competitor Notes of Interest-June 2019


Cindy is located at the red indoor arena in the corner office; ask There for packets, course maps, stabling concerns, to withdraw, ask for the TD Sam, Organizers and/or lost items

Allysa Peterson

is the rider reps for all levels; she is not stabled on grounds but is available to call or text at:  301 848 5899


Concessions are located in the vendor area in the parking field and our pony club center parents and kids near the results/awards area near the show office Saturday and Sunday

Waredaca Brewing Company

The Waredaca Brewing Company is open for your business at the brewery and in the vendor area


    • Dressage tests can be picked up at the awards area by the office
    • Dressage warm up all to be done in grass field adjacent to rings


Scores will be posted under the porch by the office

Jumping Course Walk Times:

 *** Riders Will Jump According to the Published Order of Go ***
  • Jumping Course Walks: Intermediate..before 10:45 Saturday morning; Preliminary: Saturday 11:50-12:20; Modified Saturday after 3:30; Sunday before10:15; Training Sunday10:50-11:10; 11:40-11:55; Novice Sunday 12:45-1:00; 2:00-2:20; Beginner Novice: Saturday 1:15-1;40; 2:30-2:40

The track is much the same so freely walk anytime to become familiar.

 Available the day before

Cross country maps only; Competitor packets will be available 90 minutes before the start of dressage


Dr. Chad Davis….Located in the central area near the start of xc; contact via the secretary or announcer


located atop the red bank barn; contact via the secretary or announcer

Eliminated Riders

If eliminated in one phase for any reason other than a technical one, there will be no continuing to the next phase; discuss any technical elimination
With the TD/SAM first and then the PGJ/MICHELE


Unmounted following completion of level at the awards area by the office


We love them…….On their leashes at all times or pay $50 towards the waredaca xc building fund; please keep them away from the horses in the Dressage arenas

Please observe the signs directing the way to xc; keep horses off the road which MUST be kept clear for official vehicles and emergency transport


If you wish to leave $ for your ribbon to be mailed to you, leave $5 with
Cindy in the office or at the awards table

What else do you need to know this weekend

YOU might be one of our random smoothie winters! Listen for the hourly announcements from 10 -3 and come claim your smoothie coupon from Jessica at the AWARDS TABLE!

IF YOU are the LOW score of the weekend winner you will get a free entry to a future 2019 Waredaca Event!

Every 1, 2, and 3 place finisher gets WAREDACA BUCKS toward any 2019 WAREDACA activity!

Open Schooling on the Cross Country beginning Monday June 3, use our website sign up form

DON’T FORGET THE WAREDACA BREWING COMPANY IS OPEN SATURDAY 1-8 AND SUNDAY 1-6 serving beer and non alcoholic beverages and snacks! They will be pouring in the parking field too!