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Recognized Stabling


IF you owe MUCK FEES -- Please correct BEFORE ARRIVAL


For ALLWAREDACA stabling:  Please use the EAST ENTRANCE-- Map Quest address: 22710 Howard Chapel Rd; Brookeville MD 20833; DO NOT USE THE MAIN ENTRANCE!  We may get grumpy when we see rigs pulling into an already busy area with little room for rigs to maneuver

For TUSCULUM stabling (less than 1 mile from Waredaca) GPS:  4609 DAMASCUS RD LAYTONSVILLE MD 20882; Contact Joel  contact cell: 740 707 0700


  • All Stalls are $50/night/horse
  • ALL competitors stabled at any site must have included a $50 refundable muck fee with their entry. Packets NOT released until all fees are settled.  
  • Please check that your stabling dates and number of stalls are correct.
  • NO BEDDING PROVIDED...for those who wish to pre purchase shavings for Waredaca site....indicate how many bags you wish ($9/bag), ORDER via ROB@WAREDACA.COM AND SECURE WITH A CREDIT CARD have a prepared check to ROB LANG for the total when you arrive and these will be awaiting you at your stall
  • OR you may purchase shavings on site and pick up yourself etc, same price, your choice, subject to availability
  • We do ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS VIA PHONE (301 570 4191)


This is an information update which should clarify any questions you may have about pre event planning:

  • XC maps will be available Friday afternoon after 3:00 p.m AT THE START BOX—you can walk from Waredaca stabling ( head to the indoor arena and follow signs) coming from Tusculum, park via our West Entrance/Waredaca Brewery Entrance.
  • Check the schedule/competitor info tab for details re packets, maps, jumping course walk schedule and so on.
  • Cindy is the Event Secretary. The Secretary’s Office is located in the corner office at the Red Indoor under the banner.
  • Packets will be available on the morning of your dressage phase. 
  • Motorized vehicles permitted on the XC up until the competition begins...stay off galloping tracks please

  • Please review all of this information carefully!! Email Gretchen@waredaca.com with any changes, etc. asap.


LOCATION   LAST FIRST Horse Dates sex Stable Near Muck fee PAID?
WAREDACA EAST   Birdsong Carson Bally Grace Laralai Fri m   yes
WAREDACA EAST   Cobb Jennifer Little Sorrow Fri m with other horse on site  
WAREDACA EAST   Cobb Jennifer Mandragora fri m with other horse on site yes
WAREDACA EAST   Swites Stephanie Clonshire Le Roy Fri g    
WAREDACA EAST   Hardy Margo Soling's Hat Trick Fri g    
WAREDACA EAST   Burchianti Brook Bella Giovanna Fri-Sat m other horses yes
WAREDACA EAST   Burchianti Brook Eternal Hope Fri-Sat m other horses yes
WAREDACA EAST   Burchianti Brook Freshman Forum Fri-Sat g other horses yes
WAREDACA EAST   Call Tera Affirminator Fri-Sat g Bethany Astorino yes
WAREDACA EAST   Desper Sabine Adamek Fri-Sat s STALLION end stall yes
WAREDACA EAST   Leunberger Jamie The Black Peral Fri-Sat m with other horse on site yes
WAREDACA EAST   Leunberger Jamie Tough and Groovy Fri-Sat G with other horse on site yes
WAREDACA EAST   Weil Erin Boomtown Fri-Sat g Greenway  
WAREDACA EAST   Greenway Sarah Padi's Celtic Meas Fri-Sat m Weil  
WAREDACA EAST   Greenway Sarah L Crusing Quality Fri-Sat m Weil  
TUSCULUM   Meyers Lauren CA Khaptivating Sat g Dennis yes
WAREDACA EAST   Stout Ashley Deo Volente Sat g Lindsay Hafer yes
WAREDACA EAST   Hershbine Brynn Cadenza Aria Sat m Lindsay Hafer yes
TUSCULUM   Zehner Jami Rondeau Sat g Sloan or Dennis  
WAREDACA EAST   Hafer Lindsey Sawyer Sat g Stout, Biddle, Hershbine yes
WAREDACA EAST   Pecinovsky Katerina Coffee Break Sat g Bethany Astorino yes
WAREDACA EAST   Astorino Bethany Partly Puzzled Sat g Katerina Pecinovsky yes
WAREDACA EAST   Biddle Jane Requiem in Coloe Sat m Lindsay Hafer  
WAREDACA EAST   Johnson Kerra Fly High Quality Sat g other horse, Rice & Bale yes
WAREDACA EAST   Johnson Kerra Whimsical Illusions Sat m other horse, Rice & Bale yes
WAREDACA EAST   Greer Huxley Marked Ruler Sat m other horse  
WAREDACA EAST   Greer Huxley Vesuvian Sat g other horse  
TUSCULUM   Lackey Jenny Badlands Bily Sat G    
WAREDACA EAST   Rice Hannah Page 3 Girl Sat m Johnson. Bale  
TUSCULUM   Brugmann Anna Forgotten Lyrics Sat m Barbara Lyons-Sprouse yes
TUSCULUM   Lyons-Sprouse Barbara Wishful Thinking Sat m Anna Brugmann yes
WAREDACA EAST   Bale Elise Smokey Sat g Kerra Johnson  
TUSCULUM   Camp-Crowder Bennett Rosalind Sat m    
TUSCULUM   Hobbs Alexis Pepper Sat g on grounds please yes
TUSCULUM   Dennis Abigail Never Better Sat G    
TUSCULUM   Child Krista Drake Sat g   yes