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Waredaca Classic Three Day Teams with Area II Organizers to offer Road to the Three Day Challenge


In the days when the long-format reigned, there was a different kind of emphasis on preparation, on endurance, on horsemanship. The nature of the competition demanded it.

Waredaca, with the help of the United States Eventing Association’s Classic Series Program, has been able to keep these foundational values alive through the annual Waredaca Classic Three Day. We are fortunate be supported by a group of organizers in Area II who believe firmly in the importance of the Classic Format. Together, with the Horse Park of New Jersey (HPNJ) Horse Trials, Seneca Valley Pony Club (SVPC) Horse Trials and Morven Park Horse Trials, we are excited to announce the Road to the Three Day Challenge.

The Road to the Three-Day is paved with preparation, and these four stops, HPNJ HT July 27-29, Waredaca HT August 18-19, SVPC HT September 8-9 and Morven Park HT October 5-7 offer an ideal path to success at the Waredaca Three- Day held October 24-28. Winners will be awarded a cooler, generously donated by RideSafe, as well as free entry to all four participating events in 2019. A winner will be named at each of the levels offered at the Classic: Novice, Training and Preliminary.

To be eligible for the Challenge*, competitors must complete a minimum of two of the four events in addition to the Three Day. Points will be awarded according to placing with first place worth 10 points, second worth eight (8), third place seven (7), fourth place six (6), fifth place five (5) and sixth place four (4). Completion of an event that meets the Minimum Eligibility Requirements (MER) will be awarded three points. Points for the Three Day will be doubled in value.

The Waredaca Classic Three Day Event is a formative experience for young riders, amateurs and professionals alike. Now led by Olympian, World Games Competitor and FEI Course Designer John Williams, Waredaca Classic competitors are treated to three days filled with instruction, insight and inspiration. John, with the help of an experienced team of dressage judges, event organizers, technical delegates, vets and more walk riders through every piece of the long format. This includes dressage test demos, cross country and show jumping course walks, mini steeplechase clinics, Q&As with vets, top riders and more.

Click here to learn more about the Classic.

*The USEA has Classic Series qualifications for each level offered in the series. Completion of the Road to the Three Day Challenge does not, by default, qualify you for the Classic. Eligibility requirements can be found here.


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