For those in the Training Board program or students of Steph, here is her most recent competition schedule for those interested in participating, coaching and so on.  Any questions or in need of more details, contact Steph directly: [email protected]

Show Schedule:
May 1: Loch Moy Twilight Eventing (M-Intro)
May 4-5: MCTA (I-BN)
May 12: FADS Show
May 25: Flora Lee (P-T)
May 26: Loch Moy Starter (BN-M)
June 1-2: Waredaca (I-BN)
June 5: Loch Moy Twilight Eventing (M-Intro)
June 6: Waredaca Summer Evening Schooling Show
June 8: Waredaca Starter (T-Intro)
June 8-9: Middleburg (P-BN)
June 15: Seneca  ****Only Saturday****
June 29-20: Loudoun (I-Intro)
July 6-7: Maryland (I-N, *, **)
July 13-14: Maryland (I-BN)
July 21: Full Moon (T-Intro)
July 27-28: Hunt Club (P-Intro)
Aug 4: Olney (M-BN) *or* Loch Moy Dressage
Aug 10-11: Fair Hill (I-N)
Aug 14: Loch Moy Twilight Eventing (M-Intro)
Aug 17-18: Waredaca (I-BN)
Aug 27-Sept 1: American Eventing Championships (A-BN)
Aug 28: Loch Moy Twilight Eventing (M-Intro)
Sept 7-8: Seneca (I-Intro)
Sept 14-15: Tryon (A-BN) *or* CDCTA (P-Intro) *or* Loch Moy Starter
Sept 28-29: Surefire (I-BN)
Oct 5-6: Morven (A-BN, *, **)
Oct 12-13: Maryland (I-BN & BN 3 Day)
Oct 19: Hunt Club (P-Intro) *or* Loch Moy Starter
Oct 24-27: Waredaca Three Day and HT (I-BN & T3D & N3D)
Nov 1-2: Virginia HT (I-BN & *, **)
Nov 2: Waredaca Starter (T-Into)
Nov 10: Full Moon (T-Intro)