We’re upping the ante in 2019 with our TRAINER/COACH BONUS  at our BOWMANS FEED AND PET Purina Checkerboard Challenge Unrecognized Horse Trials Series at Waredaca.  Here’s the way it works:

 IF you are a coach or trainer and have 4 students entered by the start of each competition, you get your entry free! Your FREE ENTRY (non transferable) can be for the current or a future starter 2019 Starter event! Just send Secretary Sarah the names of your students and we take it from there!

Unrecognized Horse Trial competitors will accumulate Purina Horse Bucks for the duration of the Checkerboard Challenge Series. We’re handing our horse bucks to everyone who STARTS at one of our unrecognized events, giving more competitors a chance to be part of the action.

START an event and get 100 HORSE BUCKS
COMPLETE an event and get 200 HORSE BUCKS


1st place —-  1000 HORSE BUCKS
2nd place — 500 HORSE BUCKS
3rd place —- 400 HORSE BUCKS
4th place —- 300 HORSE BUCKS
5th place —- 200 HORSE BUCKS
6th place — 100 HORSE BUCKS

The late afternoon of the final event of the season, November 9, all riders will have the opportunity to redeem their Horse Bucks during a live auction at Waredaca featuring a Horse VIP trip for 2 to the Purina Animal Nutrition Center in St. Louis, Missouri.

Other items for bid include saddle pads, coolers, outdoor living items, a Yeti cooler and other horse related items. A Horse Bucks General Store will also be on site where participants can purchase a variety of stable accessories. Food and drink will be served.

…and we’re giving you more chances to earn.

Three Dates–April, June, and November! This is a great opportunity to experience your season in a low-key, supportive atmosphere.

…and we’re giving you a better chance at success.

Checkerboard Challenge Schooling Days are are scheduled before each of the
three Challenge Starters and open to ONLY those entered in the following
day Starter event. Certain fences on each of the xc courses will be open for practice schooling. Four fences on the Jumping course will also be open for practice; heights to be adjusted by each riders ground person. Schooling will be offered from 3 PM until 7 each Friday before the Challenge competition. Approved headgear, medical armband, vest and grounds person is required. Parking will be in the corner parking field, check in at office to register, show coggins, pay $40, receive a pinney number and then proceed.

A HUGE thank you to BOWMANS FEED AND PET IN WESTMINSTER, representing PURINA for being such a fervent and loyal supporter of Waredaca!

Level Dressage Test Cross-Country Jumping
Elementary (E)* 2019 USDF Intro Level Test C 6-10 fences approximately 18”-24”, untimed 18” – 24”
Beginner Novice (BN)* 2018 USEF Beginner Novice Test A 9-12 fences, 2’3”-2’7”, untimed 2’3” – 2’7”
Novice (N)* 2018 USEF Novice Test A/td> 10-14 fences 2’9”-2’11”, untimed 2’9” – 2’11”
Novice/Training  (N/T)* 2018 USEF Training Test A 10-14 fences 2’9”-2’11”, untimed 3’0” – 3’3”
Training  (T)* 2018 USEF Training Test A 10-14 fences 3’0-3’33; untimed 3’0” – 3’3”

*Dressage-only and combined tests also available.

E-For the beginning horse trials enthusiast or beginning horse; BN- Introduction to eventing for horses and riders with some experience in all three phases; N and T – For horses and riders with some experience at this level; N/T – For horses and riders who wish an introductory experience at the higher Level; the Dressage and Jumping Phase will be at the higher level; the XC will be at the lower level. Divisions: OPEN = experienced pair; HORSE= less experienced horse; RIDER: less experienced rider.

Expect courses to be inviting and level-appropriate. Ribbons for 1st-6th & prizes for the top three finishers!

Six ribbons per Horse Trial divisions. In case of ties, final scores will be broken by fewest jumping penalties first and collective marks second. If these are still equal, duplicate ribbons will be awarded. Competition will be held and run in accordance with USEA guidelines and USEF rules. All eliminated riders will NOT go forward to the next phase unless a Technical Elimination (i.e., forgetting a fence) has occurred. Then permission from the officials must be requested for consideration to continue. This can be arranged through the Secretary. For the ‘hybrid’ divisions, a minimum of 6 riders must have entered for the division to be scheduled; those entered will be placed into the lower level division, ie N/T will be placed on Open Novice if not enough enter for the hybrid division to run.

Refunds: Before Closing Date – refund in full; After Closing Date – no refund; If Event Cancelled – no refund

Start Times: Start times will be available at the Thursday prior to the competition.
ALL ENTRY paperwork must be COMPLETED and received by the Closing Date of or the $50 late fee will be incurred. If your Entry arrives incomplete It WILL NOT be CONSIDERED ‘COMPLETE’ and scheduled UNTIL PAID IN FULL AND ALL PAPERWORK IS RECEIVED, IF SPACE IS AVAILABLE.

Don’t feel like writing out your entry? Entries available on EVENTENTRIES.COM OR EVENTCLINICS.COM
Dogs welcome, but must be leashed at all times. Bring your own water. EMT ON SITE | FARRIER on CALL | Food and vendors will be present. Only entered horses permitted on show grounds.

Questions/Issues: Email: [email protected]