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Classic 3-Day Stabling

Classic 3-Day Stabling List as of October 15

  N3D Bancroft Mary Twain   G Wed - Sat   N3D-6   Lackey & Olsen cc
  T3D Callahan Elizabeth Merlin   G Wed - Sat wed 2-3 pm       pd check
  N3D Cannon Kathleen Tribal Prospect   G Wed - Sat wed 1pm N3D-3   Hunt pd check
  N3D Canter Sara La Jement Puissan   M Wed - Sat   N3D-3   Parker Garica-Chope Stamos CC
  T3D Chaplin Sarah Binn Waiting   G Wed - Sat wed 3pm       pd check
  T3D Colt Sam Calle   G Wed - Sat wed 1:30pm T3D-3   Kuchta pd check
  T3D Conway Mini Nobleton   G Thu - Sat thur 7 am       CC
  N3D Downing Danielle Oldfield Frenchgle   G Wed - Sat   N3D-5   Mackenzie, Seely, Palancian NO
  N3D Eads Jessica Upgrade   M Wed - Sat wed 1pm       CC
  T3D Easton Carly Brazen Bomber   G Wed - Sat wed 2-3 pm     Miller , Kling pd check
  T3D Fitzhugh Anna Believe It or Not   G Wed - Sat wed 4:30pm T3D-1   Yrap team pd check
  T3D Fulton Grace Yippee Ki Yay   G Wed - Sat   T3D-1   Quinn pd check
  T3D Garcia-Chope Katerine Greystreet   G Wed - Sat wed early evening T3D-4   Potorski (tack stall) cc
  T3D Gill Elizabeth Quizz D'Orange   M Wed - Sat wed mid day T3D-4 27 Sinclair (tack stall) Petorski cc
  T3D Hasse Katie Kipling   G Wed - Sat         NO
  T3D Johnson Cali Black Label   G Thu - Sat thur 7 am T3D-2   Olsen(tack stall) Cannon cc
  N3D Johntson Ingrid Leaders Finale   M Wed - Sat Wed 2pm N3D-6   either Lacky, Bancroft pd check
  N3D Kaplan-Walbrecht Elevlyn Huckleberry   G Wed - Sat wed 5-6 pm N3D-5   Downing pd check
  N3D Kling Hallie Uncle Eddy   G Wed - Sat wed 1pm N3D-1   easton NO
  T3D Kuchta Mikki ABF Special Feature   G Wed - Sat   T3D-3   Colt pd check
  N3D Kydd Christine Orion's Star   G Wed - Sat wed by 5pm     Lortie pd check
  T3D Lackey Jenny Badlands Billy   G Wed - Sat   T3D-2   Johntson Bancroft pd check
  N3D Lawson Anna My Amelia   m Wed - Sat wed 1-4 pm N3D-1   C Miller Ziegle tack stall w/ Miller pd check
  N3D Leuenberger Jamie The Black Peral   G Wed - Sat wed 5pm N3D-2 90 other horse pd check
  T3D Leuenberger Jamie Tough and Groovy   G Wed - Sat   T3D-2 90 other horse pd check
  N3D Lortie Dana Springhill Midas   G Wed - Sat wed 5pm     Kydd cc
  T3D Miller Barbara Might Ambitious   G Thu - Sat     36 Easton cc
  N3D Miller Cierra Well Done Son   G Wed - Sat wed after 3pm N3D-1   Lawson (tack Stall) pd check
  T3D Myers Margaret Arikara   g Thu - Sat thur 7 am       cc
  N3D Neuhoff Kathleen Logan   g Wed - Sat   N3D-6   other horse pd check
  N3D Neuhoff Kathleen Swiss Mystique   M Wed - Sat   N3D-6   other horse pd check
  N3D O'Rouark Caitlin On A Mission   M Wed - Sat wed 3pm N3D-2     pd check
  T3D Olsen Deborah Cooley Krafty   g Wed - Sat thur 7 am T3D-2   Johnson cannon pd check
  N3D Palanchian Hanna Will Dance for Diamonds   G Wed - Sat   N3D-5   Downing cc
  N3D Parker Julia Castle Diamond   g Wed - Sat   N3D-3 54 Stamos Garcia-Chope pd check
  T3D Pierpont Whitney Diamond Jim   G Wed - Sat wed 3pm T3D-3   Kuchta, Colt (near) cc
  T3D Potorski Faith Doc's Windsor   G Wed - Sat wed 2-3 pm T3D-4   Garcia-Chope cc
  T3D Quinn Kelsey Ann Molinaro Bamkline   G Wed - Sat   T3D-1   Fulton pd check
  N3D Siegfried Ruth Road not Taken   M Wed - Sat wed 1-2pm       pd check
  N3D Sinclair Janet Veni Vidi Vici   G Wed - Sat wed 3pm   18 Gill pd check
  T3D Stamos Johns Christina My Two Kings   g Wed - Sat wed afternoon T3D-4   other horse   Parker Garcia pd check
  N3D Stamos Johns Christina Tri for the Rubies   M Wed - Sat   N3D-3   other horse pd check
  N3D Waters Geroge An American Girl   M Wed - Sat   N3D-4     pd check
  N3D Whitehead Sarah Proletariat   G Wed - Sat wed?? N3D-4     pd check
  T3D Zabroske Lydia Stella Adtois   M Wed - Sat   T3D-1   Fitzhugh (tack Stall) pd check
  N3D Ziegler Olivia Mighty Mouse   G Wed - Sat   N3D-1 45 Lawson C Miller pd check
  T3D Giesselman Connor Le Vent Noir   M Thu - Sat       main barn w/ other HT horse CC
  N3D Teresi Gina Totally Truman   G Wed - Sat       Needs to be in Main barn as 3 day full CC

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