Waredaca offers two choices for Volunteer sign up.

For those people who only volunteer at Waredaca and get the perks offered at each event, then simply use the Waredaca only link

For those people who are interested in our Waredaca End of Year Awards and Prizes and/or those who volunteer at other venues in addition to here and are interested in the USEA Area 2 End of Year awards, the use the Eventingvolunteers.com link that follow:


EventingVolunteers.Com will be your centralized resource for your Eventing volunteering needs. Look for volunteering opportunities and sign up for events on a centralized portal. A companion app will be made available to enhance the experience on smart phones and make it simple to check in at events!

Instructions for volunteers that would like to sign up for an event:
  1. Go to www.EventingVolunteers.Com
  2. Click on “I’m a Volunteer”
  3. Create a new account
  4. Click on the confirmation link sent by eMail
  5. Return to www.EventingVolunteers.Com
  6. Click on “I’m a volunteer”
  7. Log in with your credentials
  8. Fill out the “New Volunteer Form”
  9. Once complete, you will be redirected to the Volunteer Dashboard
  10. Click on the open event that you would like to sign up for.