Why Waredaca? and….WHY RIDE A HORSE?!

How about these reasons….

  • FUN….simply stated, riding horses is fun!  In a matter of minutes, you will experience partnering with a horse who can also be your friend!  Horses are wonderful companions!
  • FAMILY PARTICIPATION…If your children are at least 8 years old, you and your family can all ride together!  Of if your children are younger, they can do our Pony Kids program and you can ride along with them!  Horses can become a lifelong hobby!
  • RELAXATION….picture yourself on a leisurely trailride across our fields, enjoying being outside, in the country!
  • EXPERIENCE BEING OUTSIDE ON A WORKING FARM THAT EVEN HAS A FARM BREWERY…..too often, many people find themselves caught up in an urbanized setting. That changes the minute you arrive at our farm!  Spacious areas to walk, ride, and appreciate!
  • BEING WITH FRIENDS…riding can be a wonderful solo activity, just you and your horse, spending time together ‘alone’.  Or make it more of a social activity and include your friends.  Ride together on a regular basis!  You decide what you want to do!
  • STRESS RELIEF…remove the lists, the worry, the intensity of your daily pattern and create a better balance for your life by adding riding horses– having fun, doing something different than ‘the usual’.  The change will amaze you if you give it a chance!
  • EXERCISE…riding can be as strenuous or as relaxing as you choose to make it.  And if you want to burn some extra calories on any ride, easy to do!  Horses and recreation definitely go together!

To share what the Maryland Horse Industry Board promotes….Find a Horse, Find  a Friend, Find FUN and you can do it all at WAREDACA!


WHY WAREDACAPIX1sSimply stated, Waredaca is your BEST CHOICE for activities that involve horses! We are an exceptional full service, year round riding and recreational facility for all ages and have been providing qualityriding opportunities to our customers since 1937. Family owned and operated, our professional staff are friendly, capable individuals and effective teachers. They are very active in the horse industry on local, national and international levels. Above all, our staff are dedicated to their student’s enjoyment, progress and competence with their riding experiences. All are certified through either the Certified Horsemanship Association and/or the United States Eventing Association.

Why do we stand out from the rest…

  • Longevity…Now in its third generation of management, Waredaca is proud to claim the status of being part of the Montgomery County Agricultural Preserve.  Our belief and commitment in the preservation of farmland and open space offers our riders ample room to ride.  Adjacent to our 220 acres are 10,000 acres of state park land for trail riding.  The Goshen Hunt Club uses our facility as one of their fixtures and we annually host their very popular Thanksgiving Junior Hunt, which welcomes junior riders to sample the sport of foxhunting with the guidance of many senior members. For over 70 years, the farm and facility have been involved in many types of equestrian activities, competitions and programs.  And we know can boast our own WAREDACA BREWING COMPANY farm brewery on site and getting rave reviews!!
  • Experience…People like being at Waredaca because we are unique in many ways.  All of our core staff members…Robert Butts, Gretchen Butts, Janey Staehle, Rob Lang, Gayle Mahaney  have all been involved in Waredaca management for over 20 years.  Steph Butts Kohr grew up in the center of Waredaca activities and the business.  Many of our instructors, all of which are either certified by CHA or the USEA, have been teaching here for over 10 ten years.  Some began riding here as children and have chosen to continue their love of horses and Waredaca with their involvement in our activities.  This continuity of our personnel offers visitors and students a reassurance that is hard to match.  Boarders and students easily recognize our commitment to the horses, the farm and to the people here.  This sense of respect and consideration are seen as a daily practice.  Standards are high, as is camaraderie and friendship with all of our clients.  Cheerful people and contented horses are part of the great recipe for our success and very low turnover.

Waredaca…where it all begins and continues…